50 Things To Do Instead of Study For Finals

            At this point in the semester your grades are pretty much established and you most likely already know your fate.  Not only this, but you are 99.9% sure that your brain has reached the capacity of how much information it can store.  If you get distracted just as easily as I do or you just hate studying in general, here’s a fun list of studying alternatives that you can partake in this finals week! 

1.  Scale a building.

2.  Flee the country.

3.  Cry.

4.  Spend the day at your local McDonalds.

5.  Drop out of school.

6.  Count raindrops.

7.  Pet some dogs.

8.  Make a Dunkin run.

9.  Go for a walk and never return.

10.  Read a book.

11.  Download music.

12.  Go to a Cubs game.

13.  Roll yourself up in a blanket and pretend to be a Chipotle burrito.

14.  Write an article about things to do instead of study for finals.

15.  Go for a casual plane ride.

16.  See how many bags of hot Cheetos you can eat in a row.

17.  Take a nap.

18.  When you wake up from that nap, take another one.

19.  Pack for summer.

20.  Fantasize about summer.

21.  Pretend it’s summer.

22.  Play a game of Monopoly against yourself.

23.  Annoy your friends while they study.

24.  Complain about not wanting to study.

25.  Start a new show on Netflix.

26.  Stare at a blank study guide.

27.  Have a staring contest with your Twitter feed.

28.  Keep driving until your car runs out of gas and then just wait there.

29.  Calculate your grades to find out how bad you can do on your final and still do decent in the class.

30.  Make a bonfire with all of your study guides and testing materials.

31.  Read this article.

32.  Cook a gourmet meal.

33.  Heely your way across the country.

34.  Buy some silly putty.

35.  Suck up to your professors via email.

36.  Call your parents to tell them how hard you’re “studying."

37.  Create a band and go on tour.

38.  Do your laundry.

39.  Brainstorm careers that don’t require a college degree.

40.  Take a Facebook quiz to find out what kind of animal you resemble.

41.  When you get your results, go outside and pretend to be that animal.

42.  Create a Tinder account.

43.  Yell at yourself in the mirror because you’re going to fail your finals.

44.  Become a stripper.

45.  Go shopping for the perfect avocado.

46.  Knit a blanket.

47.  Go to the gym so that you look good when you fail your finals.

48.  Break a world record.

49.  Cry again.

50.  Say a prayer for your grades because you’re going to need it.