5 Ways To Self Care During Quarantine

Now that we are on what feels like week 1,000 of quarantine, it is easy to get behind on self care or get down on yourself. I mean, we have time to think and overthink about everything now! For that reason, sometimes it just feels good to take care of yourself, and the best part? It can be done in the simplest of ways. While some of these tips can be slightly more expensive or time consuming, if consistently done, all of them should make you feel even a little better by the end of quarantine. Enjoy the rest of quarantine and stay healthy!

  1. 1. Skin Care

    skincare products sit clustered together on a table or vanity

    Skin care is one of the most simple and quickest ways to improve your self care routine. While some are more interested in skin care than others, the best part is that anyone can do it. No matter how manly your boy wants to act, I am sure he would enjoy a good face mask! Depending on your interest, some products may be more expensive than others. Apply your face mask and turn on your favorite show!

  2. 2. Indoor Workout

    Running Shoes Water Bottle

    There are so many work out plans that you can find for free on YouTube, streaming networks, and if you are up to it, make your own! Working out is a great way to release pent-up energy as well as feel healthy afterwards. I enjoy changing up my work out routines each day from legs, to arms, to core, and finally ending the week with yoga. Also, since quarantine has begun, my sleep schedule has not been the best. I feel as though it is because I do not exert the same amount of energy that I usually did walking around campus and interacting with everyone. However, working out remedies this issue for me. Take out your tennis shoes, fill up your water bottle, and get ready to break a quarantine sweat!

  3. 3. Read

    I never thought I would get to the point where I was bored with watching movies and TV shows. Now that I have watched just about every show that was on my bucket list and followed through on trying shows that my friends have recommended, I have found myself wanting to put down the remote and pick up a book. Instead of watching TV or scrolling through my phone before going to bed, I read. I believe that I have a more peaceful sleep and can doze off quicker this way. Not to mention, reading helps you wake up your imagination and it is a brain-stimulating activity which is always good during quarantine. I recently bought some books off of Amazon and I cannot wait for them to come in! After being surrounded by technology and social media all day, give your mind a break and crack open a book the old fashion way.

  4. 4. Baking

    baking ingredients on a table next to a cupcake tray

    Why not make the time you spend entertaining yourself a sweet one? There are so many free recipes on the internet for your favorite dessert and even some that could become your new favorite. I recently made a banana bread that I ate for breakfast every day for a week and snacked on when I got munchy. Not only is it nice to have something sweet to snack on, but also, baking can be fun and even relaxing. I turned on some music and just started--by the end, I was in a better mood and was actually excited to try my creation, thanks to the internet. Many times, you have the ingredients in your pantry so all you have to do is remember to wash your hands!

  5. 5. Planting

    Molly Peach-Laughing In Field

    Although we are in quarantine, I believe that it is essential to at least go outside once a day. I have been taking daily walks with my mom around the neighborhood as it helps me get some excerise in and allows me to burn off energy. I have recently taken an interest in planting--if anyone knows me, they know that this is big because I hate dirt. However, planting actually lets me clear my mind, helps me get outside, and overall serves as a way to make something beautiful. Many stores such as Lowes, Menard's, etc. have plant sections to purchase seeds, pots, and soil. I got a plant and soil for under $10 and just used an old pot my parents had in the garage. It is extremely easy to plant and it is not time consuming at all. You can also start with seeds and grow them from there, but this may take a longer time to see results. Quarantine even has me buying the clearance plants that need help and I try to save them--that is a new way to plant as well. (Bonus: The plants are far cheaper this way.)

I feel as though many of us are in the same boat with quarantining: We are going to do it because that is what is best for those who could be at risk, but man, how long is this going to last? I am trying to find new ways to entertain myself and focus on self care daily while stuck in my house, so I hope that this list will help you. From one bored (yet trying to find the light in all of this) "quarantiner" to another, be safe and stay healthy!