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5 Organizations College Girls Should Know About

Finding an outlet and organization that helps you grow both professionally as well as socially is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s college career. While this may be an intimidating task, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this outside of your campus! Here are a few organizations that every college girls should know about:

Malala Fund

Founded by Malala Yousafzai and her father in 2013, the Malala Fund works to ensure that every girl across the world has the access and needed resources to safely and affordably complete 12 years of quality education. Not only does the Malala Fund focus on furthering the global education of young girls, but they also provide a publication platform called “Assembly” for young girls to share their educational stories, thoughts, and accomplishments. This organization provides opportunities for a high quality education that some students may not otherwise experience, and also gives young girls of all ages the creative and professional ability to share their own stories, and connect with others within an educational, and supportive platform. 


She’s The First

She’s The First knows the educational inequality that females of all backgrounds are forced to battle across the world. With over 11,000 girls already supported in their first 10 years, this organization works with over 21 countries, and aims to provide young girls with the financial and social tools to break cultural stereotypes, and begin to write their own future. Through social media platforms, conferences, and advisory councils, She’s The First has developed an incredibly supportive base for girls to share their own educational or personal stories and ignite an inspirational spirit in anyone who can relate to the injustice that these women face around the world. From working to develop the Global Girls’ Bill of Rights and actively teaming up with a number of other community based organizations, She’s The First is passionately giving thousands of young girls a voice that will carry into a future that they are now able to define themselves. You’ll see their website put it quite simply by saying, “Girls deserve a seat at the table, a spot on the stage, and a microphone in hand.”

Planned Parenthood 

Although Planned Parenthood is a well-known and recognized organization by most, the many options, programs, and health-care opportunities that Planned Parenthood guarantees makes it a staple for sexual-health education, especially for young adults. Planned Parenthood provides various services that range from birth control prescriptions and information, cancer screenings, and even just general health care services. Planned Parenthood has also taken a progressive approach to creating an accepting community for teenagers with their free and private online chat, “Roo”, that works to connect young adults with mentors and educators that will answer any questions they have regarding sexuality, sexual health, relationships, and any other seemingly uncomfortable topic that falls under the uncertainty of adulthood. 


SisterLove, Inc.

Following a lead similar to Planned Parenthood, SisterLove, Inc. is an organization rooted in the strengthening of Human Rights as well as Reproductive Health, especially within the communities of women of color.  A main goal of SisterLove Inc, is to create an educational environment that helps fight against the spread of HIV, and even provides free, confidential testing kits to use in your own home. Besides being a champion of Reproductive Health services and Sexual Education, SisterLove also uses their platform to advocate for social injustices that remain all-too prevalent in minority communities today. 


She Should Run

She Should Run is a foundation dedicated to encouraging women to run and maintain a position of political office. Because women are statistically less likely to even consider running for office, female representation on a state and federal level is lacking. This organization is not only an outlet dedicated to help fundraise for women who already have the confidence and vision to begin their campaign, but it also provides an opportunity for other individuals to nominate, or suggest women in their community to run for an official position. Although political leadership among women is at the fore-front of this organization, She Should Run also provides programs like  Help Her Lead, that focuses on educating young girls on the obstacles that may be faced while starting a business, and helps provide resources and well as helpful topics of conversation when considering this professional route. 

There’s no bad time to start supporting and empowering other motivated females, and each one of these organizations has multiple opportunities to gain support and experience from like-minded women. Whether You’re looking to  join one of these groups, seek advice, or even just donate a few minutes of your time, it’s always uplifting to see how many organizations are aiming towards the various, progressive goals that you may be working to achieve yourself.

Eileen Quinn

Illinois State '23

Junior at Illinois State University majoring in International Business, with a Spanish language endorsement.
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