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We all have heard of the famous Grey’s Anatomy, whether you have acted like a doctor because you binged watched all 15 seasons 5 times or maybe you are a die-hard fan like me. I live for Grey’s. Every Thursday at 7pm, you know what I am doing. If you haven’t seen Grey’s, I really recommend watching it because there is a lot of drama and hot guys (what more can you ask for)? Here are some of my favorite couples over the period of the show! 

1. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd 

If this is not your favorite OTP in the history of OTP’s, then I don’t know what is. This is the real deal! McDreamy and Meredith are literal goals! The whole one night stand meeting in the bar scene to later falling in love adopting and having kids and getting married- let’s not forget the post it! Or the countless times they both have saved each other. Meredith changed her “dark and twisty” ways and opened up her heart and for that I sit alone eating a bowl of ice cream because I will never have a relationship like that. But honestly, why would we kill Derek? How could you do that to us? Out of all the messed up things that has happened in Grey’s, this was by far the most heartbreaking. TGIT will never be the same without him. 

2. Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan 

First off if you don’t know them by McSteamy and Lil Gray, you are not a true Grey’s Anatomy fan. Mark and Lexie were one of the best couples on Grey’s Anatomy! Not only were they both so complicated, they were in love and we all loved to watch their scenes together. A small recap–Mark slept with Derek’s wife Addison, then Mark came to Seattle and met Meredith which is now Derek’s wife (or at the time girlfriend). Meredith has a sister named Lexie and we all see where this is going. Anyways, always a lot of relationship triangles or even rectangles you could say! *laughing* We all have PTSD from the plane crash. Not only did our babies get hurt, we lost two of the best characters! RIP and curse Shonda for getting me in my feelings. 

3. Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres 

Thank you Shonda Rhimes for making this couple on of my all-time OTP’S! If it wasn’t for Mark or George, Callie might have never fallen in love with Arizona or even gave her a chance! I absolutely love their relationship, they have been through so much. When Callie stayed by Arizona’s side when she had to amputate her leg, I teared up. Or when Arizona stepped up and was just as much Sophia’s mom as Callie was. This relationship was pure and genuine. I cried for days when they broke up- how are you going to do me like that Shonda!?! 

4. April Kepner and Jackson Avery 

God bless for the merge with Mercy West! Otherwise we would have not met April with her Jesus loving self and Jackson with those big baby blue eyes that just make your heart melt. This was one of the more interesting relationships. Let’s all be honest, April was kind of annoying in the beginning and Jackson was this big Avery who got what he wanted. These two have been through so much sadness. When Samuel died, I died inside. We all remember when April left with Jackson at her own wedding! *jaw dropped* Unfortunately, April and Jackson are no longer together but they will always live in our hearts and #japril will live on! 

5. Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren 

Who doesn’t love Ben Warren? He is literally a sweetheart and Bailey needs someone to tame her because she can be a little much sometimes. Out of all the relationships Bailey was in, I loved when her and Ben first got together! These scenes are so cute and I loved their wedding and how Warren is taking care of Tuck like a real dad since we never actually see Tuck’s real dad. Warren has changed his position a couple times. He started out as an anesthesiologist, then went to a surgeon, and now he’s a firefighter and plays in Station 19! Great show! In all, I love them as a couple and hope Shonda doesn’t get rid of another one of my favorite couples. 

6. Jo Wilson and Alex Karev 

Throughout the 14 seasons we see Alex transform into this good guy instead of this jerk who we saw in season 1. Alex and Jo were meant to be together because not only are they so alike, but Alex needs someone who is not CRAZY! Anybody remember Jane Doe? Ended up being a psychopath (Poor Alex was just trying to be a nice guy.) Then Izzie leaves him after already being married! Alex and Jo scenes are always something to look forward too; either they are fighting or there is always a steamy scene! 

7. Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt 

Not going to lie, I thought I would never see Owen with anyone again once Cristina left, but I love these two together. They both have their own issues and I feel like that’s what made them connect. They have definitely had a rough time with their relationship. They get married and we see that Amelia is suddenly not happy anymore and Owen wants kids but she doesn’t because she had a son and he died shortly after birth. We also find out she has a tumor and that caused her to act all wacky (SORRY SPOILER!). Anyways, they are still going strong, but of course there is going to be more obstacles thrown at them because Shonda is just so against them. Watch the new season to know what I am talking about. 

8. Izzie Stevens and Denny Duquette 

I realize Denny is not a surgeon, but he was a heart patient and I absolutely fell in love with him. Izzie did too apparently because she risked her job for him and cut his LVAD wire to get him at the top of the heart transplant list! If that isn’t crazy and romantic at the same time, I don’t know what is. When Denny died, I felt that like my heart was broke… I don’t know why Shonda wants to kill everyone, like my heart can only handle so much. 

9. Adele Webber and Richard Webber 

RIP Adele, honestly it was a plot twist when they said Adele had Alzheimer’s, like I didn’t expect that. I loved how Richard stayed by her side and she stayed by his even after everything that happened in the past. These two were so cute and I miss them both together! 

10. Maggie Pierce and Andrew DeLuca 

Their relationship was steamy from the beginning. Deluca got drunk at the bar and Maggie was there and they ended up kissing, then you know what happened next. They cooled it for a little bit and then they went public with their relationship, but Deluca ended it because people were saying that he was getting special attention from being with an attendee. I wish they would get back together! I actually really did like them and Deluca is so hot…who wouldn’t want to make out with that…js. 

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my all-time favorite shows! There have been so many couples and love triangles on this show that it’s hard to keep track of all of them but honestly, I couldn’t think of a better show to be obsessed with. One thing Shonda Rhimes did right was making some bomb ass shows! #TGIT

Lots of love, Lacey

Lacey Frisch

Illinois State '22

Hi my name is Lacey! I am a freshman at ISU and I am majoring in Biology. I would like to become a pediatric physician assistant in the future! I love to sing, hang out with family/friends and binge watch Netflix! I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy! Be sure to follow me on social media and her campus as well!! Follow my social media: Insta: laceyyy26 Twitter: laceyyy26 Facebook: Lacey Frisch
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