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Spending a whole year in quarantine during this pandemic, I’ve gotten a chance to sit down and pin down the things that my life has taught me. I thought I’d share some important ones with you too!



Saying “NO” is totally okay

Learning to say “no” has probably been the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn. In order to keep yourself sane, you can’t always say “yes.” Always having commitments and things to do can be stressful. Saying “no” to stop and take care of yourself is just as important. But maybe the most difficult thing is not feeling guilty for saying “no”. I learned this the hard way, but saying “no” when I don’t feel like I can fully commit has helped me become stress-free and more productive otherwise! 

You Are Going To Feel Lost
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Believe it or not, at least once in your life you will feel lost. Whether it is about school, your relationships, your friends, or just in life in general, you will feel like you need motivation. I know I have. There are so many times when I fail at something and start to wonder whether what I am doing is right or wrong, or if it’s even worth it. But let me let tell you that the easiest way out of this is to talk to someone. Someone in your family, your friends, or even someone that you don’t know as well; just to get all of your doubts out. I also recommend that you take a break from whatever it is that stresses you out or makes you feel lost. Taking a break and coming back even stronger will make what you do more fun and interesting! 

Growth Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Like you won’t grow to be six-feet tall overnight, growth in other areas doesn’t happen overnight! Setting goals and trying to achieve your goals is a true challenge, and the only thing that can make it happen is patience. Being patient with yourself and with others around you can help you get a perspective of how your life is shaping. Moreover, I strongly recommend that you celebrate even the tiniest wins in life. Waiting to celebrate your big wins can take time and you might lose motivation mid-way. So, it is extremely important to appreciate every small step towards your growth, perhaps more than the big win itself!

Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

This is absolutely the hardest truth for anyone to swallow. I remember spending so much time overthinking how people might like me and why some people don’t like me. But after some time, I’ve realized that you don’t need to spend much time worrying about that. All you need to do is your part. Be nice and be kind to whoever approaches you, but life has a way of only attracting those who’ll truly appreciate you. So, do your part and give love to the universe, and wait for the love to get back to you!

There is a lot more that I need to learn and I need to experience a lot more of what life has lined up for me. These four lessons have gotten me through a lot and I hope they’ll have my back for whatever I’ve got coming at me!

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