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Watching From Afar: COVID-19 In India

Living in Japan, especially during the pandemic, has given perspective to how privileged we are to be living in such a responsible country. When it comes to take precautions, it is not only the government but also its citizens who are exercising extreme caution. The only reason why Japan is comparatively surviving the COVID-19 crisis without full lockdowns is because of the sense of responsibility and understanding in the public. Yes, governments must take the right actions and ask their citizens to take precautions, but if  wearing a mask or getting vaccinated is totally up to individuals, there is very little that the government can do. Even in countries like the United States, which almost the entire world looks up to, some people are ignorant of the benefits of wearing masks and herd immunity. But the hard truth is that these are all developed countries. The amount of resources they hold is plenty to compensate for this ridicule. So, what happens when the pandemic hits a country that is developing but plays a huge role in world society? What happens when their country starts to collapse? In the past couple of months, India has been hit hard by the pandemic and millions of people are suffering because of it. Fighting for breath.There are so many things that are to blame for this, for example, the incapability of the government to take the right measures, striking poverty, protests, and misinformation about covid. However, this is old news. We've always known that there is political instability, poverty, and a lack of education in India. So, why blame it on those problems now? Or why try to fix it now?This limits to my opinion but I understand that there are people who need to go to work because they earn on a daily basis. If they do not work, they fail to bring bread home. It is unfortunate, but it is true. What fails to sit well with me is ignorance. Ignorance is a major issue that aids in spreading the coronavirus in most cases. Even though certified doctors and scientists urge everyone to stay inside and wear masks, many people dismiss them as if it were just a piece of advice. Now, one might say that if a significant amount of the Indian population earns daily, then it is inevitable that they will step outside. And the failure to ensure this population’s safety and financial aid is the main reason for the government's incompetence. But then, why are the "upper-class" society of India suffering the same? Statistically, in other countries, only the people at a disadvantage of needing to leave their houses are the most affected. Why are things different in India then? Now, this is where the mindset that only the Indian community can explain comes in. There is no value in life in Indian minds. We are so busy climbing the social ladder or running after control that many forget to think about more than just themselves. Looking at the situation in India, this is the only explanation that comes to my mind. Of course, I can sit here blaming others too, but we all need to realize the responsibility. Even if the government enforces wearing masks, quarantine, or vaccinations, it is all impractical until the public acts responsibly. Even the people who can comfortably afford to stay inside without worrying about bare necessities are out partying and traveling, and most of all, without masks. This enrages a different conflict. 
Let me explain: The poor population needs money, needs to go to work, needs help. Understood. But why do the elite need to party? Why do they need to travel? We are all struggling and giving up things to help the world's society recover. But then you see privileged, ignorant (the worst concoction) people disobeying and disregarding the safety measures; that is where the problem lies. Most of us who live outside of India are devastated and trying every possible way to help. Many of my family and friends are in India which puts more responsibility on me to follow proper measures. Wear masks and sanitizing might seem like the bare minimum, but it is better than doing nothing. Covid is not one state's issue, but the world's. If that means you need to educate those around about taking proper precautions, then you do that.The world is not safe until we are all safe. 
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