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Three Easy & Nourishing Recipe Recommendations

No food, no life. Food is important for our lives and we feel happy when we have delicious food. However, it is really bothersome to cook every day, especially if you live by yourself or in a dorm. It is okay to have instant noodles or frozen foods sometimes, but they are not very nourishing. I recommend these three recipes which are all easy to cook, nutritious, and which can be made with the ingredients that you already have in the fridge.


① Carbonara Spaghetti

easy level ★★★, nutrition level ☆☆★

Ingredients: Bacon (or ham or sausage), spinach, egg, cheese, consomme granules, milk, spaghetti

1, Boil the pasta

2, cut the bacon (or ham or sausage) in 5mm and spinach in bite size.

3, put bacon, cheese, consomme granules, milk in the bowl and mix them

4, Heat it in the microwave for two minutes

5, put the 4 stuff, spaghetti and egg together


② Oyakodon

easy level ★★★ , nutritious level ☆★★

Ingredients: egg, chicken, onion, (and some vegetables), dashi, soy sauce, rice

1, Slice onions, cut chicken in bite size

2, put all the ingredients on the fried pan and boil them on fire

3, add the beaten egg little by little

4, when the eggs have hardened, remove them from the heat.

5, put them on rice


③ Fried vegetables

easy level ☆★★ , nutritious level ★★★

Ingredients: Meat (any meat is fine, but easier to use pork), vegetables(any vegetables is fine, but easier to use bean sprouts, onion and green pepper), grilled meat sauce

1, if you have any vegetables which need to be cut such as onion and green pepper, cut them into bite size pieces.

2, fry up meat

3, fry up cooked meat and vegetables with grilled meat sauce 

4, put fried vegetables on the plate


These only take 10 minutes to cook and are nutritious even if you don’t have much time. To enjoy your life, let’s shorten cooking time and spend more time on your hobbies!

Ochi Saaya

ICU Japan '25

Hi. I'm Saaya and am currently studying at International Christian University. In my free time, I enjoy writing, traveling, listening to music, watching Netflix and cooking.
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