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Let’s take a break and Why don’t we send cards and letters?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU Japan chapter.

Writing a letter may help you realize something important.

Fall is finally setting in, as well as the weather getting cooler in the morning and night.  Somehow, the season of falling leaves fills our hearts with sorrowful emotion.  I’m sure some of you can’t help this unknown emotion, and fiddling with your smartphones and liking Instagram posts makes you feel exhausted even more.

At such times, I try to get away from devices and study in a different place, or take a walk around the neighborhood. This idea may lack credibility, but it motivates me to try something new whenever I take a break like this.

 For those with melancholy emotions, why don’t we take a break and send cards & letters taking this opportunity?

Imagine yourself coming home from school or a part-time job, exhausted and about to drop. But then you suddenly find an unexpected parcel in your mailbox at the end of the day. Wouldn’t that make you very happy? I can imagine the smile on my face the moment I find something in the mailbox. It can be anything delivered, but don’t you think a handwritten letter would be sweet? Especially when instant communication techniques has dramatically changed the way we interact and people do not even send new years cards often as they used to.

Merits for both people who receives and writes letters 

-Gives you the opportunity to reconsider your message

    When writing letters, you have to think about the space on the card and, at the same time, the structure of sentences, not like texting, where you can press one button and paste the sentence. It gives you a chance to think about what you want them to read.

-It is tangible, so you can come back and read them in the future if you wish

 Those handwritten letters and postcards can remind you of the writer, place, memories, and time you spent. Do you ever read letters and cards from the old days? My answer is Yes. As you know, your phone or computer might not be able to hold it forever, but letters can. 

Listed above are only partial merits of the letter, but there are many good aspects in writing and receiving letters. I think letters could hold various steps and meanings, which are profound and one of the best materials to communicate. I am currently writing a letter for my grandmother with the postcard I found with my friends at the store nearby. I hope she will be smiling when she sees my letter in the mailbox by the time this article is published.

If you ever have a chance to visit Kichijoji, the Paper Message might be a good place to find lovely postcards.

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Aika Endo

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I was born and raised in Fukuoka Japan but lived in Oregon for a year and graduated high school in Canada. Love eating food and traveling. Seeking to gain intercultural activities for elementary students living in rural area of Japan.