Tips to Help You Breeze Through Finals

Oh the most dreaded time of the year. Finals are SO stressful, there’s no way around it. Basically you just have to find some way to power through all the craziness and just know that summer is right around the corner. Here are some tips to help you survive finals week:

Get Started ASAP

Nothing makes you dread an assignment more than putting it off to the last minute, trust me we’ve all been there. But nothing makes it easier than having an assignment due the next day and all you have to do is look it over. Yes, it’s hard to get yourself to start something well in advance, but hey, sometimes you don’t even know what your final paper/project will look like until a week before. If you do, get a head start and you will thank yourself later on when you’re cramming.

Use Our Campus Resources

HWS provides so many helpful resources for students to do their absolute best. The CTL has study mentors to help yourself get organized and help you set up a plan of when to study for finals. There are Teaching Fellows for many subjects in addition to Writing Fellows to help you with those papers that you can’t stand to proof read one more time. The CTL also arranged a Writer’s Block Party on Sunday, April 30, which provides so many resources to help you succeed during finals.

Get Some Rest

Getting a good night sleep in college is near to impossible, but try to fit in a couple because you’re going to need it to survive finals week. Spring semester is especially hard because this is the last time you’ll see most of your friends for months and the weather is so nice, but if you fit a good night sleep, you’ll be able to power through your finals that much easier.

Find Your Spot

Whether it’s in the library, your dorm, or an academic building on campus, find a spot where you do your best work and stick it out there. There’s nothing more stressful than people bugging you when you have a lot of work to do, so make sure you have a good getaway spot where you feel the most productive.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Finals are stressful, there’s no denying it. Make sure you take some time for yourself while everything else is going crazy. You can go get your nails done or take a break to watch a movie that makes you laugh so hard you cry, or even if you take yourself on a coffee break, don’t forget that the semester is almost over and your mental health is important.