Spa Day in the Dorm – Spring Survival Kit

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We've hit that time in spring semester when everything gets really busy. Multiple tests per week, essay due dates creeping up, and piles of homework will come about the next few weeks, and it can definitely be stressful to keep up not only with your work, but your health too. However, making small choices to keep yourself calm and your skin happy and healthy can really make a difference. Innisfree makes this entirely possible, and super easy to do with their Welcome Kits. 

Innisfree is one of the top selling Korean beauty brands on the market, and there's a good reason for it. Their hydrating formula is super helpful with moisturizing, especially in these dry winter months, and their Jeju Island Green Tea collection keeps your skin looking youthful and glowing. In other words, this stuff acts like magic to keep your skin as healthy as possible when you’re stressed and, let’s be honest, not always thinking about your skin first. These simple and user-friendly products make it easy to take care of yourself and give yourself some pampering during these stressful weeks. Plus, their facemasks come in three levels of hydration (water base, essence base, and cream base) and are 100% biodegradable, so you never have to worry about their products being bad for the environment.

The first step to do before using any type of skincare routine, according to Innisfree, is to double cleanse. This means starting with an oil-based cleanser to remove any stubborn makeup yet finish the routine with a water-based cleanser to remove any impurities that were insoluble with the oil. Next, crack open that Welcome Kit. The Intensive Hydrating Serum is perfect to getting your skin back to hydration after cleansing. Ever feel that tightness after you wash your face? This serum will diminish that by helping replenish your skin to avoid the dryness from the face wash. This product worked wonders for me, since I typically have dry skin and cleansing it typically just makes it worse. The serum really hydrates your skin and makes it soft as ever.

All college students understand the late nights that come with homework and studying, and I'll be the first to say my dark circles seem like they'll never go away. Undereye bags and dark circles are more than just unflattering--they're signs that you're not getting enough sleep, which has caused your vessels to become dilated and these symptoms to appear. With the next step in the Innisfree Welcome Kit, these problems become much more manageable. The Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream with Green Tea Seed helps to protect your delicate, thin skin around your eyes by giving it an extra burst of moisturize and nourishment. When applying, make sure to be extra gentle to avoid premature wrinkles, and see the incredible results!  

The Innisfree Welcome Kit also includes an Intensive Hydrating Cream for your entire face, which is a great product to make sure your skin is smooth and hydrated during these dry winter months. Innisfree recommends warming the moisturizer between your fingertips and gently patting it around your face and neck, being careful to avoid tugging. This allows the product to nourish every inch of your face and neck while still avoiding harsh tugging and potential wrinkles. Finally, it is always important to protect your skin with sunscreen. Remember, even in the winter the sun’s rays can still cause skin damage! Lastly, Innisfree comes with a sheet mask, which is a single-use, portable face mask to hydrate you wherever you need. I love to use this after a long day of studying to relax my face and provide a little extra moisture when I need it. The best part about these is they can be a great way to relax since the Green Tea scent is super calming. Plus, if you are super busy, you can always throw on a sheet mask and continue working since it's hands free! Pro-tip: after leaving it on for 10-20 minutes, always pat in the extra liquid left on your face when you take it off to make sure your skin is getting all the nourishment. These kits are life-savers during busy months like this, and Innisfree is a great way to get clean, hydrating face products through the benefits of nature while also protecting the environment.