10 Best Places to Cry on Campus When Everything’s Too Much

It’s officially finals season which means we're all going to need at least one good cry in the coming weeks. While you could cry in the privacy of your room, why not find places throughout campus to let those tears run?


1. Second Floor Cubicles Over ABP in the Library

The cubicles above ABP on the second floor of the library provide a private place for you to let those tears out while grinding through the tons of work you have due. Although not completely private this space is a great option for when you are becoming overwhelmed in the library.  


2. Hirshson Bathrooms 

The Hirshson Bathrooms, while not accessible to everyone are one of the best spots for a good cry. While anywhere in the Hirshson bathrooms can work the best spot is specifically the showers. You can either cry in the showers or just turn on the shower and let the water flow while you sit on the benches and cry like there’s no tomorrow.  If you're lucky enough to be one of the first years living in Hirshson take advantage of this amazing crying spot.


3. Under Your Bed 

If you are looking for an option that is more private and offers easy access, just climb under your bed. This will offer a sense of comfort and homeyness to the experience.


4. Demarest Hall Bathroom

The two bathrooms on the first floor of Demarest are great private cry spots. They are private, spacious, and conveniently located. They also have inspiring quotes on the walls that will hopefully brighten your day.


5. Middle of the Quad

If you really wanna just let it out, head to the middle of the quad and cry until there are no more tears. The great thing is you can sob as loud as you want. 

Tip: Go at night to really enhance the experience and sadness.


6. The Boathouse

We all don’t make it to the boathouse enough so might as well head down to the dock, stare at the lake and cry it all out. It will feel just like the end of your favorite cheesy romantic comedy and will surely fulfill your crying needs. 


7. First Floor of Stern 

If you want to be really bold, just let in all out on one of the chairs in front of the fireplace on the first floor of Stern. People may pass and judge but if that doesn't phase you then this is a great spot. 


8. Third Floor of Smith 

The third floor of Smith is supposedly haunted and extra creepy at night. They tend to turn the lights off at night on the third floor, meaning that it's extra private and gives creepy vibes that are great for a good cry. If you’re into horror films, this is a great place to embrace all the spooky vibes while letting all your tears flow.


9. Creepy Coxe Bathroom

Not many people know about this spot but it's located down the stairs on the right when you walk into Coxe. This bathroom is probably one of the creepiest places on campus but when you need a good cry is a great and private place to go. 


10. Odell's pond

Just head over to the Odells pond, jump in, and sob away. Your tears will mix perfectly with the cold water and you will no longer have to deal with all your problems that were making you upset.


Note: While finals is truly a rough time for everyone, know that you are not alone and sometimes we all need a good cry. That being said, this list includes examples that are supposed to be funny and is ultimately meant to give you a good laugh or make you smile. If you truly feel overwhelmed, stressed, or sad during the next few weeks don’t hesitate to head over or reach out to the Counseling Center on campus.