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5 Of Manhattan’s Most Fashionable Neighborhoods

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hunter chapter.

Ultimately, these neighborhoods may be divided by zip codes but garments are interchangeable.

There is a distinct style associated with each neighborhood in NYC. There is a distinct style associated with each neighborhood in NYC. From high-end designers to street chic, New York City is home to every fashion sense possible. On this island wearing anything is possible but bare in mind you will find a dress code in our some of the most popular fashion neighborhoods.

1. The Upper East Side

Ooh La La, who is she wearing? The most timeless piece is the perfect little black dress, it’s a classic Upper East Sider dress for any ritzy benefit happening in Manhattan. Designers such as Marc Jacobs and Gucci are staples in every socialite’s or local’s closet and are a sign of true authenticity and status within this neighborhood. Up and down Fifth Ave. line the quintessential shops of those in Manhattan’s most elite fashion neighborhood. From Prada to Bergdorf Goodman, these high-end designer styles are key to being a fashionista in this neighborhood. A true Upper East Side fashionista will never be caught dead wearing pieces from the newest H&M designer collaboration. This stylish set of ladies who are coolly refined and well-put together clearly know everything about polished dressing. lf you take a walk down Park Ave. you’ll see ladies strutting out of their lush apartments in their newest Louboutin’s, wearing all black, carrying a Birkin handbag and covering their eye bags after a previous night out with their Dolce & Gabbana sunnies.

2. SoHo

Welcome to one of the most flourishing fashion neighborhoods in Manhattan. SoHo is home to the best shopping in all of Manhattan and the coolest hangouts around town. Dominating the sidewalks of this fashion-centric area are casual and easy looks mixed with trendy street style vibes. This neighborhood with cobblestone streets and unique architecture is home of the trendiest boutiques. Fashionistas of the SoHo neighborhood are eclectic, modern, urban, and edgy. Down these streets rooted in bohemian history with a growing expense, you’ll notice the fashion combination of high-end designer pieces with thrifted vintage finds. Some staples in this neighborhood fashionista’s closet includes denim, jackets, and bold accessories. SoHo style is all about adding a twist to your own personal style and to your outfit. You can add anything, from a handmade jewelry set to a vintage pair of booties. Everyone in SoHo knows how to grab attention by adding anything unique to a genuine ensemble.

3. Tribeca

Both men and women know how to rock the “mom and dad” style and vote for comfort and versatilely instead of designer and couture. Tribeca is a family friendly neighborhood, with parks, strollers, juice shops, and morning yoga clubs but it doesn’t mean that fashion is sacrificed. Lululemon is the most popular brand seen on canal street and this designer activewear is high-end and easy going. Aside from the perfect pair of black skin tight leggings Tribeca moms know how to rock the perfect cross body bag, an edgy hands-free purse is ideal for running errands all over the island. To complete the look, every Tribeca local wears a dark pair of sunglasses just like the celebrities trying to live a low-key lifestyle in Manhattan

4. The Meatpacking District 

Home to what once was elegant shops lining Sixth Avenue has now been transformed into the best nightlife but more importantly superstores such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx. You must be thinking this is a joke, what true Manhattan fashionista would even bother to purchase these knock off brands at half the price? Don’t be fooled. Superstore like these aren’t just for the frugal shopper, these shops offer a range of styles and the newest trends at insanely affordable prices. Being a fashionista isn’t always about that designer label. Fashion trends fade even faster than tan lines and saving money on the hot pink ruffled skirt is something you won’t regret when it’s out of style next month. Once it’s time to start the nightlife, the Meatpacking District lights up with groupies, loud bars, disco lights, and girls flaunting their little black dress. These little black dresses aren’t suitable for a gala on the Upper East Side, but instead, they are shorter, trendier and half the designer price.

5. The East Village

This hip and bohemian neighborhood is easily accessible through public transportation and is the hunting ground for some deals and funky fashion. Between Third and Second Avenue you’ll be sure to find countless T-shirt shops, cute bohemian accessory shops, and street stands filled with hats and sunglasses. The East Village is a true treasure trover for all fashionistas, with boutiques by new up-and-coming designers and unique designs. Known as the neighborhood for “rule-breaking,” style is personal, eccentric and nothing is off limits. You’ll find hipsters strutting nostalgic ‘90s fashion gear, worn down Doc Martens platform boots, and a bold bomber jacket. It’s easy to say that unlike some of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris and Milan to name a few, New York takes the cake. The diversity and variety of fashion within each neighborhood makes New York interesting. The Upper East Side, SoHo, Tribeca, Meatpacking District and the East Village are just a few neighborhoods in Manhattan with a heavy fashion influence that are sure to capture everyone’s attention.  

This feature was written by Katherine-Ashley Moscoso