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Top 7 Local Swimwear Shops

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at HPU chapter.

Shop local. Spend local. Support local. Keeping the money local is very important for diversifying the economy. Shopping locally may be expensive, however, it is important to invest in at least one bathing suit that will last you forever. After all, you are in Hawaii, the land of beautiful beaches and sunsets. All seven of these small businesses are either popular brands among locals or up and coming businesses you need to know. Many of them are sustainably made and handcrafted with care. Here are the top 7 local swimwear brands in Hawaii that have a little something for everyone. 

  1. Sanlorenzo  

San Lorenzo is a cult favorite amongst the locals of Oahu. Unlike most local bikini lines in Hawaii, they are a lot larger which means they have new bikinis every season. San Lorenzo has beautiful bold tropical prints and stunning solid colors with South American swimwear cuts. The fabric is incredibly soft but be warned, their bikinis do not have padding. If you are hesitant to buy online they have 5 locations around the island: Ala Moana, Kailua, Haleiwa, Kamakana, and Waikiki. 

  1. Tops: $25 – $92
  2. Bottoms: $25 – $92
  3. One piece: $70- $145


   2Coral Swimwear X  

To all the island girls out there; this is the collection for you. Coral Swimwear X is a new brand that is full of the newest trends. They have animal prints, bright tropical prints, hoops, wrap skirts, off the shoulder tops, and so much more. However, they only have thong bikini bottoms. You will always look amazing in your photos in a Coral Swim original.

  1. Tops: $45
  2. Bottoms $35 
  3. One piece: $65


    3. Pakaloha Bikinis

Pakaloha Bikinis is built for the barrel and to top it off it is stylish. While you are catching a wave or casually swimming you do not have to worry about your bikini falling off. They are perfect for every body type with a wide variety of coverage. Pakaloha Bikinis has mostly solid colors but their prints are worth checking out. If you want to try their bikinis on before you buy it check out one of their four locations in; Waikiki, Paia, Lahaina, and Haleiwa 

  1. Tops: $29 – $48
  2. Bottoms: $29 – $48
  3. One piece: $89 


   4. Kaikini Bikinis 

  • They are inspired by the retro, minimalist, and tropical prints. The best part about Kaikinis Bikinis is that you can send in your measurements and they will hand-make your bikini with sustainable fabric. They have a huge number of styles you can pick from full coverage to cheeky. This is perfect for all the young and free. Go to their website to order now. 

  1. Tops: $55ish 

  2. Bottoms: $50ish 

  3. One piece: $85 – $100


  5. Benoa Swim

Benoa Swim was inspired by the Women in North Shore, Oahu. Their line is made for surfing, snorkeling, cliff jumping, and of course for the instabaddy. They have everything from a one-piece long sleeve mock neck to a triangle bikini with cheeky bottoms. You can either go to their website or find them in local surf shops. 

  1. Tops: $80 – $85
  2. Bottoms: $80 – $85
  3. One piece: $200 


 6. Nā Wāhine Lole Swimwear 

They are as local as their name. Each bikini is hand made with Aloha. They offer unique patterns such as peace lily, hibiscus, papaya, plumeria, and ginger. Don’t worry these tropical prints will not make you look like a tourist who got their outfit from an ABC store, but a local who knows what’s up. They have minimum to full coverage bottoms, made for every body type.

  1. Tops: $27 – $40
  2. Bottoms $35 – $50
  3. One piece: $75 – $80 


 7. BB Swimmies 

Each bikini is hand made with recycled prints. They are classy, fun, and come with a bohemian vibe. They tend to stick with reds, orange, blues, and naturals. BB has everything from functional to picture ready bikinis. Since it is a small business there is a limited amount of prints. To check her out go to her Instagram @bbsimmies or her Etsy account.   

    • Tops: $48 – $60 

    • Bottoms $43 – $48

    • One piece: $94

Julia Matsumoto is the Co-Presedent and Marketing for the Hawaii Pacific University Her Campus Chapter. She will graduate in 2022 with a major in Communication and Mass Communication.