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The PoleARITY Experience.

Confidence is a word that many people, including myself, try to look for in each and every passing day. Being confident is a difficult talent to attain, and it is perfectly acceptable if life happens and we lose it. I feel that this is a lot like the ocean with constant ebbs and flows. We need to find our personal confidence. I went on a search to find a place where I would feel more comfortable under my own skin. Then, I was introduced to PoleARITY Studio in Honolulu HI by a classmate. 

A look into a mirror filled with talented women each with their own pole, you feel the pressure of having the need to look ready, confident, strong, and sexy. Before I got into all of this, I didn’t like showing my arms as much, which is why I would usually wear a long sleeve or a normal tee. (if you’ve ever seen me IRL) When I got there they said, “skin will be your best friend”, I didn’t believe it until I had my first class. As I started to expose more skin in every class I went to, I began to feel confident in myself and I started to look at myself in the mirror differently. My skin was helping me with my confidence, and it was empowering to notice that connection. The connection that our own skin can and does help us in countless scenarios. Pole dancing gave me a new experience of empowerment that I had never felt before. Even after all the bruising and muscle pain I still wanted to go. Doing this gave me a new definition of what pole dancing really is.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding the phrase “pole dancing.” When you hear that phrase what is the first thing that comes to mind? It may be the exotic dancers that you see in video games or a movie like “Hustlers.” Pole dancing is more than a sexual performance or inappropriate behavior, it is more about self-expression through performance art. Throughout my time in these classes,  I found myself developing definitions for other things. For example, let your body go and trust in yourself.

Overall, we should be going through our short lives being bold and trying new things. It will always be the foundation of why we experience unique emotions and different ways of feeling confident.


Aloha, I'm Elijah Tapiz and I'm currently a freshman at Hawaii Pacific University. I like to paint, write, read and many more.
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