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3 Do’s and Don’ts For Living With More Than One Roommate

Do you not want to pay for groceries and rent by yourself? You don’t want to be alone in your newly defined “independent” life as the word gains a whole new meaning after you move away from home. It’s time to raise yourself as an adult in this big, beautiful world that can be terrifying at the same time. Tha’s enough to make you decide that one roommate is not enough, but three would be better.

Chances are you either had a roommate assigned to the same apartment or dorm as you or you met them online, like through an app. When you live with a single roommate, it goes without saying that you should be respectful of each other’s belongings. With three roommates, it’s a bit more than that.

With one roommate, you only have to make sure you are respectful of one person with one personality type, one routine, one set of habits, one set of a pet peeve, and so on. With three roommates, everything is multiplied by three, and hopefully, you start to function as a small family.

To achieve such goals: Here are three do’s and don’ts.

Do: Introduce yourself over text or email. Reaching out to your roomies makes them feel more comfortable because they get a sense of who they will be living with. Plus, they most likely will message you back, and your friendship will spark. 

For Example:

 “Hey, I’m Mya, and I’m going to be one of your roommates this year! I wanted to introduce myself before we moved in together! I’m 19y/o and will be majoring in Mass Communications. I’m a military brat and have lived overseas for the last eight years, so this is the first year back in the states. I love photography, traveling, and writing. I can’t wait to hear from you all!”

  • Mya’s Email

Don’t: wait until you meet in person. This will mostly cause a sense of awkwardness, and no one wants to feel like they live with a stranger.

Do: go shopping together. I’m not talking about going to Forever 21 and figuring out the perfect weekend look; I’m talking about apartment shopping. Figure what you want your new home to look and feel like together. Get the shower curtains, dishrack, and maybe a few house plants just for funsies!

Don’t: Assume you will be BFF. Not everyone will have the Rachel and Monica relationship with their roommates right off the bat. In some cases, roommates end up hating each other, moving out, or just dealing with the misery. Just make sure to stay respectful of each other and their property.

Do: eat together. Have a meal with your roommates or, better yet, cook with them. You and your roommates may bond over your conversation during lunch or dinner. 

Don’t: rely on your roommates for social interaction. Chances are, while you are clinging on to them for social interaction, your roommates are out making their own friends resulting in daily hangouts and studying. At the same time, you are at home alone because you thought your three roommates were all you needed. Make some friends outside of your dorm-room and build relationships just for yourself.

Living with multiple roommates can be scary, confusing, intimidating, and unique, all at the same time. Just remember, your newly found independence relies on you being independent. But navigating your own adult life doesn’t mean you should do this alone, because chances are your roommates are just as lost as you are. You can figure out this whole life thing together.


Hey Everyone! I'm a Military brat which is the reason I love to travel and write as I wrote a blog all about our travels in Japan! I chose HPU because I fell in love with the diversity of ideas and mindset! I'm studying Mass Communication and Criminal Justice with the aspirations of becoming a public affairs specialist someday!