We Want You, 3 Reasons to Join HC Howard

In the epic launch of Her Campus Howard we find ourselves looking for more amazing collegiates like yourself to join our staff. There are so many benefits to being a Her Campus member, and we’ve taken the time to list a few!

1. Awesome Giveaways

Being a member of HC Howard offers major perks. We’re talking about free swag here! The more dedicated our members are to producing great articles the more we will be able to partner with top companies to give quality products. Her Campus is able to give chapters things like back to school kits and midterm survival guides which we distribute to ladies at Howard.

2. Be in the Running for Amazing Opportunities

If you are interested in journalism, event planning, marketing, or just about any other field Her Campus can help you. HC offers some of the best career advice for college women around. Need help with you resume? We can help. Interested in internships? We have your back. Her Campus members have been offered internships and even fulltime positions at companies including Vogue, Huffington Post, and MTV.

3. Be Part of a Team

The best part of becoming a member of Her Campus Howard is that you’re not just joining a blog, but a community. The purpose of HC is not just to write articles, we want to create a space for women on our campus to feel comfortable talking about topics on their mind. Everyone’s ideas and contributions are equally important. Throughout the year we will be having team bonding events; movie nights, restaurant outings, and more. Our goal is that each member is able to meet people that they are able to call friends.

These are just a few of the things that Her Campus Howard offers our staff. So, are you interested? Feel free to contact us through our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or send us an email at [email protected].