Wax On, Wax Off

Are you TIRED of trying to shave every little crevice in the tiny dorm showers, exhausted with the idea of your hair growing back before you can even relish in the smoothness, or just simply ready for a change in your hair removal routine? This is for you. Through the telling of a personal experience, I’ll be your guide to knowing all of the facets of waxing from the pre-wax nerves to the post-wax bliss.

A Brazilian? So that’s like from Brazil, right?

Not quite. According to a BBC World Service article on the creation of the Brazilian wax, it was crafted and premiered in early 90’s NYC by seven women from Brazil. The Brazilian wax is set apart from other hair removal techniques or methods of waxing by two things: the complete removal of the hair from front to back (yes, your butt gets it too) and the option of leaving a little hair on the top in order to create a decorative style (landing strip, triangle, a heart, Mohawk, martini etc.).

The Facts

The idea of waxing, in general, is to significantly decrease the amount of time that it takes the hair to grow back. A full Brazilian wax costs anywhere from $55-$70. Though the price is steep, the hair begins to grow back slower after several waxes and grows in remarkably thinner than before. Another perk is that the waxed area will be less susceptible to irritation and unsightly hair bumps since waxing takes the hair directly from the root within, opposed to stripping the hair from the surface.

The Bush

And I’m not talking about the plant! Before you even THINK about getting a wax, check how much hair you have down there!. Your hair should be long enough to lay flat, not stubble. It must be a long enough for the wax to adhere to the hair and grab it from the root. If it’s not long enough, the esthetician may ask you to reschedule your appointment and ruin any plans that you had.

The Moment of Truth

The big day is finally here and you’re trying not to back out because you’ve heard so many horror stories, right? Well, here’s a not-so-tragic first Brazilian wax story. I’m sitting in the parking lot of the day spa and, girl, I was completely losing it. I only had 20 minutes until my appointment started, so I gave myself an Issa Rae style pep-talk in the mirror.

Five minutes later, I’m ready to go into the salon and take it like a pro; so I thought. After signing waivers and filling out other information, I was directed to an extremely serene room where I met my esthetician, Brittani. After allowing me to strip down and freshen up, she gets right to it. She asked me to lay on a table, with my legs like a flamingo, while a huge white light shined directly into my...well, you know. Brittani tried her best to mask the OB/GYN type feeling that laying on this table gave off by talking me half to death. However, NOTHING she said could distract me from the heat of the wax & what felt like the ripping of every single follicle of hair. The lower she went, the more I felt the tears form in my eyes. I tried my best to fight them as she talked to me about growing up in a small Wisconsin town with less than 1,000 people and her crazy sister-in-law. But, before I knew it, she was done!

The Reveal & Aftermath

Brittani finished after 20 excruciating minutes and once I was able to see the finished product, I was impressed to say the least. I left the shop feeling like a whole new woman and rushed to the store to pick up some Tend Skin, which prevents razor bumps and mildly exfoliates the area to keep the pores clean. I used this morning and night for two weeks after the wax. The weeks following were filled with complete smoothness and no problems with ingrown hairs or razor bumps. As directed by Brittani, I avoided: soaps, fragrances, lotions, and tight fitted clothing to allow the area to breathe and to give the pores a chance to close. She also recommended that I abstain from sex, swimming, and going to the beach for at least 24 hours after the wax to prevent bacteria from getting to the pores. The rate that the hair grows back varies from person to person, but on average it’s smooth up until week three. By my third week, all that had grown was a few strands of hair. It was complete heaven and I would 10/10 recommend Brazilian waxing.

However, if you do decide to venture into the world of waxing, just remember: pain is beauty.

Top Rated Waxing Salons in the DC Area (or nearby)

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Capital Waxing | $64-69 ★★★★ 4.7 stars -2.0 miles from campus

MSI Beauty Studio | $70- ★★★★ 4.8 stars- 4.0 miles from campus

Waxing with Aggy | $65- ★★★★★ 5.0 stars - 6.5 miles from campus

Bare Skin Waxing | $50- ★★★★ 4.8 stars- 10 miles from campus