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Adia Hunter

Howard '19

Adia has always been fascinated with the endless possibilities that communicating through writing holds. Growing up on the Southeastern shore of Virginia, if she wasn't rushing to cheer practice or going to the beach, she was writing short stories or documenting her day in a journal. Her developing admiration for the art of writing propelled her to attend Howard University as an English major. Paper after paper, she has pushed through her college career and is now well into her Senior year. In Her Campus: Howard Chapter, she holds the title of Senior Editor. Aside from working tirelessly on perfecting the craft of writing, she is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and has worked as a Director of Communications on a women's empowerment conference, "What's In Your Purse?". After graduation, she plans to expand her knowledge of Public Relations, and Communications as a whole, through a Master's of Communications program at a local Washington, DC university.