Top 5 Black Mirror Episodes


Do you feel a giant void in your life, almost like something’s missing? Do you find yourself trying to find a hobby to take up an empty space of loneliness? Have you been so bored you’ve considered buying a pet? Well, look no further because I can offer you a solution : Black Mirror. The dark, twisted, and surprise-ending Netflix series has gained a large following over their four seasons and I’m here to help you navigate the best of the best. Keep reading to find a list of what are undoubtedly the best five Black Mirror episodes.


#1: Season 2, Episode 4

“White Christmas”

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As my first introduction to the series, White Christmas explored the lives of three characters with intertwining lives. This episode offers an equally interesting and dark look at how Black Mirror’s futuristic technology is used to give consequences to the character’s actions.


#2: Season 3, Episode 2


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Have you ever played a simple video game like Mario Kart? Well this is not it. “Playtest” follows a man testing a new, and highly secret, video game. While you might think this episode couldn’t have any misleading information or crazy plot twists, you’re wrong. The last four seconds of this episode will be sure to leave your jaw on the floor.


#3: Season 3, Episode 3

“Shut Up and Dance”

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“Shut Up and Dance” is, in my expert opinion, the most appalling episode of Black Mirror. This episode offers straightforward view of the repercussions of internet hacking...or is it? Who are the bad guys? Why were these people chosen? How does this episode end? All these questions will be answered, but not before you are almost driven to insanity first! While this episode has earned its spot on this list, you may need to take a mental health break and watch something like Shrek after.



#4: Season 4, Episode 1

“U.S.S. Callister”

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Unlike most episodes of Black Mirror, “U.S.S. Callister” clearly expresses who is the bad guy and who the good guys are, everything else about this episode is… not that easy. This episode follows the woes of an American office, a spaceship, and its crew...yes, I said spaceship.


#5 : Season 4, Episode

“Hang the DJ”

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I couldn’t write this list and leave you in a confused and depressed state, so the last best episode of Black Mirror is “Hang the DJ”. This episode offers much lighter subject matter, and a well needed deep breath. “Hang the DJ” will make you fall in love with its two main characters, a man and woman who are trying to find their ideal romantic match on a new, and almost perfect dating device. I might have said this episode was a break from the darker side of Black Mirror but, still get ready to write an angry note to the show’s writers because you’re in for a shock!


Enjoy my perfect list and look out for Black Mirror’s new fifth season, rumored to be released on Netflix in the next couple months!