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Spring is here; spring is here! We have entered one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It’s the time of year where the flowers bloom, the animals are starting to come out again and the days are getting hotter and hotter. Springtime comes with so many gorgeous days, and springtime also means reevaluating areas/things in your life that need to be changed before summer. I know everyone’s heard of springtime cleaning, but that doesn’t just have to be clothes or items in your house. It can also mean getting rid of people who are not beneficial for you or getting rid of unhealthy practices stopping you from being your best self. I want to share ways I do my spring “cleaning” or purging, as I like to call it.

I start with traditional spring cleaning, which is getting rid of items that I don’t need in my life anymore. For this part, you’ll probably need a friend or a family member to help. The reason for that is because you’re probably attached to the things you own, so you need somebody to help ask you questions like “when was the last time you used that?” or “how often do you wear that piece of clothing?” This is crucial for effectively purging. When you’re looking through your items, ask yourself: “do I need this?,” “is it taking up space?,” “where does this fit in my room?” and lastly, “what do I use this item for?”. Once you’ve answered these questions for each item, you can sort the clothes into piles. I would recommend, if your valuables are still in good condition, to give them to Good Will or Red Cross.

One of the hardest things about spring purging is evaluating the people in your life and seeing if anyone needs to be booted. I learned the hard way that even if someone seems good for me, their actions can be questionable. Spring is the time to think back on people that you’ve been wary of and determine whether they deserve to stay in your life. Ask questions like “what does this person contribute to my life?,” “has this person ever wronged me?” and “do I enjoy the time I spend with this person.” My mom always told me if it’s a pain to keep them around or they can only provide just fun experiences, like partying, then they don’t offer you much. I’m not saying you have to completely cut them off, but limit their access to you and their time spent with you. 

Make a list of activities and make a list of goals you look forward to accomplishing in the new season – this is extremely important. Spring purging is not only getting rid of things but bringing in new things that can help you grow. Set goals such as “I want to lose this amount of weight before the summer,” “I want to have an internship by this time” or “I want to take a trip to this place.” You set your summer goals now, so you can start accomplishing them and working on them. If you wait till the summer to begin reaching the goals you’ve set, it’ll be much harder for you. 

Just remember this is what I do to help bring in spring and summer, develop your own tips and tricks to make transitioning easier. Personal growth never stops. It’s up to you to help yourself grow. Also, don’t think this all has to be done in a week; take the time you need to accomplish your spring purging.

Hello, my name is Damali Danavall, I am a Junior, Biology and Criminology double major, and Chemistry minor from Atlanta, GA. I currently attend Howard University.
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