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Party Peer Pressure at College: Top 5 Reasons Why It Is Okay to Stay In


It’s a Friday night and your friends are all dressed up and ready to head out to tonight’s hottest party and they are begging you to get ready and come with them. The thing is you don’t want to go. You would rather stay in and binge watch that new show on Netflix. That’s perfectly okay!  There is never a bad reason to just want to stay in and not go out and no one should convince you otherwise. Here are five reasons why it’s okay to stay in:


Reason 1:  You don’t want to go

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It is as simple as that!  You do not want to go.  You don’t need a reason to not want to go out.  Your personal reasons of why you don’t want to go to a party are just that: your personal reasons; you do not have to explain yourself to anyone if you don’t want to.  It is never okay for someone, family, friend, roommate, or whoever to pressure you into going somewhere you do not want to be or somewhere you don’t feel like going.  It’s okay to want a quiet night by yourself.


Reason 2:  The “Party Scene” Makes You Uncomfortable

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You should never have to be somewhere that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.  The main thing is to trust your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about a party and it makes you feel on edge then leave or better yet, don’t go.  The setting of the party should always be a safety concern and if the place does not seem safe enough to go, again, don’t.  A crowded, loud, and probably dark place with who knows what is happening there can make anyone feel nervous; it is okay to voice your concerns and not go to that so-called “hottest” party.  If they are true friends they will understand these concerns and not pressure you any longer.


Reason 3:  You Do Not Trust the People You’re Going With or Who Will Be There

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In college, of course the main goal is to get your degree, but the other main goal is to keep yourself safe.  Parties can become dangerous.  It is better to go with a group of people you can depend on (the buddy system is always a good plan).  If the people inviting you to a party are people you aren’t sure you can trust, whether that be trusting them to help you in case something happens, being a designated driver, staying by your side, having your back, or whatever, then you shouldn’t be going out with them.  At Howard University, we are in the heart of D.C.; the best parties happen, but please remember to be safe.  If you do not feel safe around the people actually at the party or who you are going with it is okay to stay in for the night.


Reason 4:  You Have an Obligation the Next Day

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Being a responsible student, employee, and person is always a great thing to be! You have work in the morning, have to drive home tomorrow, need to attend a study session and be focused, whatever it is, if you have an obligation it is okay to turn down a party.  You know yourself the best; if you know you should not attend a party because you have something to do the next day it is okay to not succumb to the pressure of going.  You are being responsible and that is true adulting, 10 points to you!



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Yes, this reason shall be repeated! It is so important in college to explore and get out of your comfort zone, but that does not mean doing things that you are totally against or feel unsafe doing.  A big part of college, especially if you’re just starting, is the fear of missing out.  Do not worry about that, as stated before, you know yourself the best and it is okay to not party.  Your friends, roommates, or peers may want you to go out with them and have a fun time, but if you truly do not want to go: reject their offer.  If you change your mind you can always show up later and catch up with your friends, but don’t give in to party peer pressure if you’re not comfortable.


In conclusion,  have fun during college, go absolutely crazy (not too crazy your parents still sent you here for a reason); there might be peer pressure, especially party peer pressure, and it is okay to say no.  If someone is incessantly pressuring you there are people you can talk to who will be more than happy to help! 


Have fun this 2018 Fall semester, but remember it’s okay to say NO!



Country girl in the big city! Originally from Southern Maryland; I am Political Science major, History minor at Howard University. Also, a Content Writer for Her Campus Howard University, the Vice President of the Ida B. Wells Society, and content writer for The Liberato.
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