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Landing The Perfect Internship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.

Although, you probably haven’t even had the time to let all of that Halloween candy settle in your stomach, that special season has come around again. No, not Christmas just yet, but internship season! In order to get a leap on the competition for spring and summer internships it is important that you start looking now! Below are some killer ways to make you the #1 applicant:

Update Your Resume

The emails are rolling in about positions, you see posts everywhere listing jobs, but is your resume up to par? “Before applying for each position, look at your resume & update it for each unique company or organization you apply to” Said Junior Deja Persons. In a pool of fifty other students you don’t want your resume to be just another standard resume in the stack that gets passed over. While it is important that you KIP (Keep It Professional) the content of the document should definitely stand out! For advice on how to format your resume visit the CEDAR Center in the C.B. Powell Center or check out their website https://www.howard.edu/careerservices/students/.

Know What You’re Applying For

What do they actually do? I know it seems like common sense, but many applicants will send their resumes out to multiple companies without really looking at what each one does. Before you even click submit, do some research. Have an idea of what positon you’re applying for, what the company does, their mission statement, and any current initiatives. This way, when you’re selected for an interview you’ll be able to be calm, cool, and collected.

Ace the Interview

You got the call, you’ve been selected for an interview. Gather all your notes on the company, prepare to talk about your resume, and why you’d make the best person to fill the position. In combination with those things it’s important to remember to look your best. Senior Taylor Johnson said “I always make sure I get enough sleep the night before an interview. Also, I have this go to black suit I wear. You always need a good suit in your wardrobe for times like those.” While always KIP (Keeping It Professional) try to add your personality into your outfit in some way; whether it be a printed headband or a bright—but not overly distracting—bag. While totally adorable, you dont want to go overboard and end up looking like Elle Woods.

Let the Offers Role in

Now, the most frustrating part begins, the wait. While some of us are lucky enough to get hired on the spot or get a call in the next couple of days, most of us will have to wait for a response. But, it is important to not get discouraged during this wait. After a week I would suggest emailing your interviewer asking about the status of your application. A way to get somewhat of a secure timeline during the interview is to actually ask “When can I expect to hear a decision?”

Now, go out there and use these tips to land that coveted internship at Teen Vogue, JP Morgan Chase, or whatever other company that interests you. 


Essence Patterson is a sophomore at Howard University. She is a political science major from Detroit, Michigan. Essence is an avid tennis player; she enjoys reading, music, and exploring the DMV area. Community service is very important to Essence. In the future she wants to practice law in the educational policy field. She aspires to one day open a non-profit organization targeted toward education for low income children. Integrity, compassion, courage, and innovation are the biggest virtues that Essence lives by.