Keeping Calm When Times Get Overwhelming

It’s now February: the add-drop period for classes are over and so is “syllabi week." Assignment due dates are getting closer and tests/quizzes are starting to appear. Just because school is starting to pick up doesn’t mean that your other problems will just magically disappear. But don’t worry, there are ways to keep calm when life gets overwhelming.

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Praying is a way to let out what’s getting to you. After praying, you can feel refreshed and closer to any higher entities that you believe in.

Read Your Sacred Text

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Reading a sacred text can help as well. There are many passages that can be read that can help you feel better. Whether you are stressed, upset, defeated, unhappy there is something for you. There are even passages to read if you are in a good mood. Passages about happiness, prosperity, family and love just include a few.

Worship in Person


Go to a place of worship for a service. Hearing and feeling the word while being around others is helpful too.

If religion is not the way you want to take, there are other approaches:


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Make sure you’re venting to someone trustworthy who actually cares. Sometimes you just have to let it out and you wouldn’t want just anyone to see you in this vulnerable state.

Write It Out Then Throw It Out

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If you don’t want to include others just write out your feelings or whatever is bothering you. From there, read it then throw it in the trash.

Find Your Peace

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Find something you enjoy doing. Whether it’s listening to music, dancing, sewing, reading, doing yoga, etc. Just find something that calms you down and takes your mind off of everything.

Just remember, you can do whatever you put your mind to no matter how hard it can be and don’t stress yourself in the process!

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