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As school is getting harder and harder, it may be hard to keep track of everything going on in your classes. I know it’s been difficult for me. With all of the assignments that teachers give out, it may seem like a big load to handle. If you feel this way, it may be helpful to get an organized system so that you feel like you’re on top of everything! To stay organized, I keep calendars and make to-do lists.

Calendars have helped me immensely this school year. I have a monthly, weekly, daily, and phone calendar. My monthly calendar has all of my big and weekly assignments on it. These are assignments that are group-related or that need prior planning. This monthly calendar is kept right above my desk, so I’m forced to always look at it. My weekly calendar has assignments that are due very soon. This allows me to plan out my whole week beforehand to get the most out of my week. My daily calendar is my daily planner that contains tasks planned out the day before. I plan my day around my classes and what I need to get finished. Lastly, my phone planner is used for big assignments that I’m afraid I will forget. I don’t usually use my phone calendar because I don’t look at it all the time, but it does help in sending me reminders.

I personally LOVE to-do lists. They are what keeps me sane throughout the school year. Every day, I write down the things that I need and want to do with my time. I write most of my to-do lists on my iPhone notes app so that I can always have them with me. This also allows me to check things off as I complete them throughout the day. Having a to-do list makes me feel organized and ready for each day.

In conclusion, calendars and to-do lists help me keep my school life organized. I hope these tactics help you, and I hope that you have a good, organized school year!

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Annie Givhan

Howard '25

Hello! My name is Annie and I am a First year student at Howard University.
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