How to Prepare to Ace Your Midterms

1. Be in The Right Space

Whether it’s a special spot in the library or the lounge in your dorm, the place where you study should foster a scholarly mindset. Being in a place where you can be quiet and focused is essential to having a good study session. Go to a place where others are also quietly studying rather than chatting or goofing off. Avoid studying in your bed or anywhere that makes daydreaming or dozing off too accessible. Once you’re in your perfect space free from distractions (turn that phone off!), it’s time to open those extensive notes you’ve taken.


2. Utilize All Resources

If you’re staring at your notes or textbook and feeling stuck, remember that there are plenty of additional resources. Quizlet is probably the ultimate online study tool and it allows you to study flashcards and practice quizzing yourself in any subject you can imagine. Additionally, your professors are a huge resource. Though it might be a little scary or intimidating, don’t be afraid to come to any professor if you need help. Don’t wait until a few days before the exam, but show up to office hours, speak to them after class, or shoot them an email. If you need help or clarification, a good professor will be happy and eager to help guide you to prepare for their exam.


3. Study with Friends

Not only are you armed with notes, help from professors, and various Internet study aids, your classmates are also a resource. Don’t let the class GroupMe be a place where peoples’ questions go unanswered. Help each other out! Organize a study group with your peers. This way, you can quiz each other and enhance comprehension by talking through the content. With a group, you can split up the material and take turns explaining it. Get together often, thoroughly review the material, and make sure you’re all staying on task.


4. Stay Healthy

Don’t let the pressure to get an “A” prevent you from taking care of yourself! Keep hydrated by taking a water bottle with you while you work for hours in the library. Be wary of pulling all-nighters and continue to get a full, healthy night of sleep. Try not to be tempted by late night vending machine trips or McDonald’s runs. Take breaks when needed to give your brain a rest or walk around for a bit. You’re sure to have a more thorough and productive study session if you’re well rested, hydrated, and feeling your absolute best.


5. Be Confident

You’ve read your notes, you’ve looked at your flashcards, you’ve met with your study group. As the test date looms closer, remind yourself that you’re going to do okay because you know the material. Don’t worry yourself too much. Don’t second guess yourself. You are so prepared. On test day, stride into the classroom like you’re going to ace your midterm exams... Because you are!