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Five Simple Ways to Romanticize the New Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.

By: Imara Moore

It’s a new year and that means creating a new mantra. As college students, the new year usually equals new opportunities and although there’s so much to look forward to, spring semester can take a mental toll on our wellbeing. If I’ve learned anything this past semester, it’s that romanticizing the most simple aspects of your life can shift your mood completely. It’s pretty easy to fall into a slump and feel stuck in a routine, but spicing up your semester by becoming your Pinterest board will make being a student so much better. I’ve created five examples of things I usually do that make me feel productive and feel like, “the IT Girl.”

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping usually takes so much effort, especially without a vehicle because you have to haul your items back to your dorm or apartment. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is buy reusable grocery bags with aesthetic designs on them. I personally love Baggu shopping bags or Trader Joe’s reusable bags. These bags help save the environment, while also looking cute. Trader Joe’s is the best place to romanticize buying groceries because after all, who doesn’t like shopping there? Grab your favorite bouquet of flowers and throw in some airpods as you walk through the store and grab your favorite items. 

Trying a new cafe

As college students in DC, there’s so many new cafes and restaurants to try. Try making it a goal that once or twice a month you venture to a new cafe to eat, study, read, or all three in one. The best places to see reviews are on TikTok. You can see how accessible the Wi-Fi is and if there’s seating available for studying. Being able to do your work outside of campus helps you study better because your brain has to adapt to a new environment. Order an iced coffee, a croissant, and enjoy the ambience with your friends or take yourself on a solo date. Some great cafes in DC I love are Tatte Bakery, Sankofa Cafe, and Compass Coffee. 

  Start a Notion 

Notion is an app dedicated to organization and productivity. It’s one of the best ways to stay organized as a college student because you’re able to create an aesthetic layout that can help track assignments and stay on top of your classes. The best thing to do at the beginning of any year is to make a new Notion page. If you go on YouTube or Google, you can download a free template and DIY it to look the way you want. You’re able to choose your own theme and it helps keep you organized throughout the semester.

Walks in the City

On a Saturday or Sunday morning, take a morning walk through a new neighborhood and explore different shops. On the weekends, there’s usually a farmer’s market with fresh produce and cute little vendors. Try venturing off and exploring these. Personally, I love going to the Eastern Market in DC on the weekends. I’ll take the bus there and walk around the area. I buy local produce at the market, listen to my favorite songs in my earbuds and go to my favorite crepe place there called, “Eastern Market Crepes.” Tip: Ask for the cinnamon, butter, and sugar crepe, it’s amazing! The area is very lively during the weekends and it’s a great place to take a walk. 

Pilates and Soul cycle

The new year allows people to create a new workout routine. Taking a cycle or pilates class at least once a month is a great way to rejuvenate your body. Putting on an athletic matching set is one of my favorite ways to feel confident and put together. My favorite places to shop for sets are Alo, Free People, Aerie, and Lululemon. After taking your workout class, getting a breakfast sandwich or coffee is the best way to begin the rest of your day.

Imara Moore

Howard '25

Imara Moore is a junior journalism major and content writer for Howard University's Her Campus chapter. She covers topics surrounding fashion and culture, while also writing skincare articles for Her Campus x Ulta Beauty's HBCU program. Beyond Her Campus, Imara is an intern for The Recording Academy, graphic designer for Cover 2 Cover Magazine at Howard and freelance writer for different publications. In her free time, she loves to thrift, try new foods and travel.