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Displays of Black Excellence at AFROPUNK


Source: Florian Koenigsberger for AFROPUNK


AFROPUNK is a festival for Black people alike to celebrate their blackness in an open space. It’s a time to listen to music, see art, eat, and so much more, all while relishing in the beauty of being black. One of the most anticipated parts of AFROPUNK, aside from the performers, is the fashion. Everybody who attends shows up and shows OUT. The outfits this year were so amazing we had to put it on display.


Some of our favorite celebrities showed up:


Issa Rae was living her best life.

Source: @mink_byedna on Instagram


Miguel performed and looked as good as expected.

Source: @mink_byedna on Instagram


Jesse Williams was in attendance and got photobombed

Source: @mink_byedna on Instagram


There were some serious #GirlGang goals throughout the whole festival:

Shoutout to the girl who decided to rock a durag.

Source: @jheydamc on Instagram


This squad wore all different outfits but still managed to look like they belong together.

Source: @ryanpurcellphoto on Instagram


These beautiful ladies served us color, face AND pose.

Source: @floriankoenigsberger on Instagram


He’s LITERALLY saying it with his chest.

Source: @7Haman on Instagram


Power to the people and this girls outfit.

Source: @floiankoenigsberger on Instagram



Make a statement together or not at all.

Source: @erinpatriceobrien on Instagram



And here’s a bunch of outfits that made me say :“Come throughhhh”:


The COORDINATION, the FACE,  I can’t handle it.

Source: @floriankoenigsberger on Instagram


If Ariana Grande didn’t make me believe God is a woman, this girl sure did.

Source: @ryanpurcellphoto on Instagram


I have no words, sis looks like a purple fairy princess.

Source: @floriankoenigsberger on Instagram


These fire looks are just a few of the amazing looks at AFROPUNK NYC. Wanna see more? Check out AFROPUNK’s Instagram and their official website



Josyana Joshua is a Junior, Journalism Major, Spanish Minor at Howard University in Washington, D.C. She was born and raised in New York. While currently deciding if she wants to pursue a career in intellectual property law, Josyana not only focuses on school, but also hopes to start her own Black-centered newspaper. In her free time, she loves to eat, travel, color, take photographs, and watch netflix. She also favors artists Shawn Mendes, Khalid, SZA, and Ariana Grande. While serving on the content and social media team for Howard’s Her Campus Chapter, Josy works to use her creativity to influence her Campus community.
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