Campus Celeb: Meech

Our first Campus Celebrity is Demetrius Chavis, a senior political science major from New Jersey. Whether hosting an event with his vivacious personality, walking around campus on the Howard Snapchat story, or hanging out with his Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity brothers, “Meech” can always be seen around campus. After graduation, he plans on working in public relations. One things that’s for sure is that Howard can expect only excellence from Meech!

Why did you decide to attend Howard University?

“Howard is the REAL HU! Who wouldn’t want to go here? I took a college visit to Howard when I was in high school and absolutely fell in love.”

What made you switch your career goal from being a lawyer to owning your own Public Relations Firm?

“It was kind of a decision that I made over time. I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer until about two years ago. I couldn’t necessarily see myself in court or behind a huge stack of papers every day anymore.”

What would you suggest to anyone that is pursuing a career in Public Relations?

“I would stress the importance of networking! It is important that you get yourself out there and meet the right people. I would also say that building your resume in college is key. Internships and jobs in the field are something that firms love to see from recent college grads.”

How do you handle meeting such big celebrities?

“Over the summer I had an internship in New York. That’s the first time I’ve really spent a lot of times with celebrities. I admit it could be nerve wrecking sometimes, but I honestly just think being myself is the best tactic.”

What are you most excited for this school year?

“I cannot wait until my graduation in May. All of my family is going to be there. Graduation is going to make all of the struggles and problems I had my last four years worth while.”