The 3 Steps to Making Room for Yourself


Let’s admit it, life isn’t as put together as we would wish for it to be. As we transition into this period called “adulthood”, filled of thrills, risks,  disappointments, and soul searching, we must remember to make room for ourselves. Making room for yourself is making it known that you are important. It ensures that you know that your peace of mind, wants, and dreams matter. Making room for yourself  is a significant step in learning and loving who you are. I know you’re wondering—well, how do I start? Don’t worry, here’s three tips to get you started.


Make yourself a Priority

When you start something, don’t you plan on finishing it all the way through? Do this with your well-being. Don’t put yourself second to anyone or anything. Be stingy with your happiness and your peace, and try to establish barriers between anything that threatens them. Realize that solitude  is not the enemy of contentment. The process of making yourself a priority will not be easy. There will be times where you have to choose between the person you are becoming and circumstances that seem the hardest to let go of. Choose yourself over anything. 


Aspire to know who you are

The more time you spend with yourself, the more you know who you are. Don’t make it a chore either! You should enjoy being in your own company, or at least learn to. Implement a self-care routine into your daily schedule, because you deserve to feel your best. Establish a safe zone where you can be alone, and do your favorite pastimes. Take yourself out and have fun, because it makes you happy. Enjoying your own company plays a big part in creating room for yourself, because it implies that you are important enough to give yourself  some attention 


Be Patient

This is a lifelong process, because as we get older, we tend to outgrow who we are. Sometimes we have to learn and  love ourselves all over again. So, don’t be discouraged if it takes a few trial and errors. Yet, these “failed” attempts shouldn’t stop you from getting closer to who you are. Let them stand as proof that even though this journey isn’t easy, you still managed to come out victorious by still striving to improve for yourself and who you will become.