3 Reasons Why Spotify Is Better Than Apple Music

I used to be a die-hard stan for Apple Music. Whenever anyone tried to bash them and their greatness, I would be among the first to jump in on their defense. However, I just recently made the switch over to Spotify, and surprisingly, I am completely happy with the choice. I believe that everyone should make the switch and here is why:


They Highlight Underrepresented Artists

There are many emerging artists in the music industry that are trying to find their niche and trying to put their music out into the world, and it’s very hard to find that starting point. Spotify helps with that. They launched a tool earlier in the year that analyzes the type of artists that you listen to, and they create playlists that introduce you to underrepresented acts.


Their Music AlgorithmSource: Spotify

Spotify has an amazing music algorithm that will always provide ongs that you actually like. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has personalized music based on the songs that you have listened to ready to go. Spotify’s Daily Mixes are also an amazing feature. Not one person listens to one genre of music. Everyone has multiple different music tastes, and Spotify music respects that. Their Daily Mixes consists of genre-based songs that you have listened to and it includes music that Spotify recommends that you would like. I have playlists consisting of my favorite alternative songs, Broadway hits, jazz, indie music, and rock, and it’s great.



 Comes with subscription to Hulu and Showtime

Source: Showtime

As college students, we are extremely busy and trying to save our money, and Spotify respects that. Their subscription services, along with Apple, are normally $9.99 a month, however they come with student discounts. With their student premium package, students can listen to their favorite music and podcasts, and watch their favorite shows and movies for only $5. Apple has a student discount for $5 as well, however, you’re only getting music and podcasts. While with Spotify, you get to watch award-winning movies and TV shows from the comfort of your home. Now, that is a complete and utter bargain.


Spotify is an amazing music platform and many more people should join the wave! I promise it’s worth it!