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Why Writing Down your Feelings can Help You Grow

Your early twenties are a changing time. Going from being at home with your family and familiar faces, to meeting new people every day and having to advocate for yourself, can be hard. College more often than not, can be stressful. You’re constantly faced with the struggle of having to keep track of your new responsibilities, while also entering the unknown. Emotions can be heightened with each change of lifestyle, work, social adjustments, and lack of sleep.

While this lifestyle can be fast paced and feel uncontrollable, its important to remember how to take a step back and recognize it's ok. Not only should you keep a planner of your school and life responsibilities, but you should also try journaling. Whether it be in your phone's notes app or a literal journal, sometimes to understand the feelings you feel, you need to write it down and get it out. Allowing your emotions to look you in the face makes them all the more real, but also all the more approachable. Especially in college, there are a lot of things you find wanting to keep to yourself. You don’t want to share with your mom what happened between you and others- or that maybe you’re learning boundaries as a new young adult learning independence from others. This makes writing your feelings out all the more important, as it almost allows you to vent to yourself. It is a good way to remember how you felt, good or bad. This way, you can grow as an individual and maybe look back to identify what it is you’re going through! 

Summer Scott

Holy Cross '24

singer/songwriter/creative writer
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