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Around that 6 to 7 week point in the semester, assignments, papers, and exams seem to come in insurmountable doses leading up to break. It can simply feel as if there is not enough time in the day to study, outline a paper, finish course readings, submit homework, eat, and sleep all within 24 hours. At times, the stress can be so overwhelming that it becomes challenging to maintain a healthy body and mindset. Below are some tips for overcoming the stress of college midterms and being triumphant by the end of the week!

Time Management

When you have a lot of responsibilities piling up, take a step back from what distracts you and create a to-do list. This can help you stay organized by carving out specific time for your most urgent tasks. I’m a big fan of crossing things off my to-do list as I go; it’s so satisfying to put a big X through that exam once it is behind you!

Make a Study Plan and Create a Study Group

Create a schedule that is tailored to your own pace for reviewing course material. Don’t forget to schedule in a 5 to 10 minute break to recharge! Studying with a few friends can also be a helpful opportunity to ask questions and talk through course material. Don’t hesitate to get some quiet study time when you need it, though!

Switch Up Your Study Spot

Something that helps keep me refreshed and focused when I have a lot of studying to do is to switch up my study spots. It can be draining and even unproductive to sit in the same spot all day, so a change of scenery could keep you focused and moving!

Eat Right and Get Some Sleep

Working on an empty stomach and a lack of sleep can be a recipe for disaster. Fuel your body and mind with the energy you need to sustain your studying. Carve out time for nutritious meals and stay hydrated (iced coffee doesn’t count!).

Self-Care is Key

The pressure, stress, and anxiety looming around midterms week can lead one to make many sacrifices in self-care. Yet it is important to remember that this is a vital step to ensuring success. Pulling all-nighters and pushing yourself to utter exhaustion is not conducive for your best performance. Whether it be a relaxing shower with some music or an episode of your favorite show before bed, remember to take some time out for the day for you. 

Best of luck on exams and papers! You got this! 

Colleen Shortell

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