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The Rise of Comfy Athleisure: Why Dressing Nice Has Been So Hard

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Dressing nice has always been something I have occasionally done when going to school or going to class. With COVID causing us all to stay home, people began doing their classes and going to work in their pajamas 24/7, whether it was intentional or not. For me, I had always been lazy when it came to dressing up for school, so I used this to my advantage. One of the problems that comes with dressing in sweats or pajamas everyday is that it started to impact my performance and mood during the school day, especially at times when I could easily fall asleep if I got into a position that was comfortable enough. This is definitely something that professors can easily notice when on Zoom, which was unfortunate, but made me realize maybe it was time for a change.

Don’t get me wrong, dressing comfy for class is not a crime and I definitely do it very often. Having a busy schedule can lead us students to prioritize the way we look less and less throughout the week, especially during midterms and finals. What I have found especially helpful, though, is simply combining some of my personal style with my laziness in order to create an outfit I not only feel confident and motivated in, but also something I am comfortable in. Athleisure has been the answer to this, as it combines the comfiness and practicality of athletic clothing with the fashionable vibe of wearing a cute, trendy article of clothing. 

Athleisure has been on the rise for a while now, but coming from a year of dressing in my pajamas all day, it has allowed me to easily transition back into putting in more effort for my in person classes and commitments. Leggings and a trendy pair of sneakers can easily paired with an athletic zip up or a cute sweater, and you can accessorize with jewelry or a baseball hat to make your outfit unique. I’ve also found that sneakers that are more fashionable or trendy can look good with jeans and leggings, saving you time and money when it comes to dressing nicer for class. Lately I’ve been loving the New Balance 574 sneakers. They have so many colorful variations of these shoes and they can be dressed up or down. They aren’t too pricey either!

It may be tough to transition to in person classes and meetings with the effort that it takes to simply show up nowadays, but athleisure combines the practicality of dressing down with fashionable pieces of clothing. If you are anything like me, you’ll definitely find some use in rocking athleisure when you’re short on time or you don’t necessarily feel like dressing nicely for class—especially after a year of rocking sweatpants during the pandemic!

Larissa Nunes

Holy Cross '24

Hi everyone! My name is Larissa Nunes and I am originally from Framingham, MA, but I also have family and spent some of my childhood in Brazil. I plan to major in the humanities on a pre-law track because writing and journaling have always been one of my favorite things to do. In addition to that, I was also a ballet dancer for 11 years. I enjoy talking about politics as well as fashion and lifestyle. I have a wide array of passions, so writing for Her Campus is the perfect way to express myself while appealing to different interests and types of people!