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Podcasts have become a great way to disconnect from our screens and reconnect with ourselves. With popular media moguls joining the podcast world, the listening topics are endless. But with so many podcasts saturating the space, it can be hard to find the right one for you. While it’s taken some tailoring, here are some of the best self help podcasts that can seriously help you become the best version of yourself.

Anything goes

Popular vlogger Emma Chamberlain not only dominates the youtube space, but she storms the podcast world as well. Her relatable and raw honesty translates well in this format, and makes listeners want to keep listening each week. She addresses a variety of topics that range from fashion to more serious discussions like mental health. Emma also sets aside portions of her podcasts or even dedicates entire episodes to answering fan questions. Her advice and insight is not only refreshing but relatable as she never strays from speaking from her own experience rather than what she thinks we all want to hear. 

Horoscope Today

I have been absolutely obsessed with Spotify’s zodiac series for the past year. The series is tailored to each of the zodiac signs so there’s something for everyone. Each episode is around 2 minutes long so it’s super easy to listen to on the go. The episodes are released daily and focus on your readings for life, love, and personal growth. If you’re just as obsessed with astrology as I am and looking for something to incorporate into your morning routine, this is definitely a podcast you should check out.

Teenager Therapy

Us young adults go through a lot of stuff in our day to day lives that isn’t always so easy to articulate. Teenager therapy is run by a forum of five teens that aren’t afraid to have those hard conversations. Everything from mental health, relationships, school, family, sexuality, and much more is touched upon. What makes this podcast so unique is how personable it is and how these teens have created a safe space for not only sharing, but also listening as well. Some very special guests have also made appearances on the podcast like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who want to interact with the youth of today. Every episode feels like a conversation with some old friends, and that’s what makes this series worth a listen. 

The Happiness Lab

I’ve been listening to the Happiness Lab since highschool and while it did only start out as a requirement for a project it has slowly turned me into a cult listener. Run by Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos, “The Happiness Lab” utilizes scientific research (of course not in the typical snooze fest way) with enticing storylines that will dramatically change how you view your own sense of happiness. This is a perfect way to reassess your lifestyle and work towards leading a more fulfilling life. If you want to get more in touch with your inner self and realign your goals, this podcast is perfect for you.

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Kristin Nastasi is a New Jersey-based nineteen year old. She is a Classics major, sagittarius, and self proclaimed Trader Joes connoisseur.
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