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By: Claire Kraemer

Ever since arriving on campus, the stress has been way more than I’d ever bargained for. Making sure I get enough sleep while trying to do all my work and fit in time for meals and friends has proven to be harder than ever before. I’ve never had so much freedom with so much weighing me down. So how do I stay motivated? How do I reduce my stress?

1) Getting my work done as soon as possible. Yes it’s hard. I’m a big time procrastinator but in college there’s no time for procrastination. You’re only making it worse for yourself. Getting things done right off the bat will be so beneficial for both your confidence and your stress. You’re going to immediately feel like “wow, I just did that” and the stress of the assignment isn’t on your mind anymore.

2) Dedicate time to me-time. No normal person will feel their best without a little time to themselves. Use it to get food, watch a movie, take a nap, etc. Personally, I love to watch movies and nap. Obviously, this suggestion is best suited towards people who have completed all their work, or at least the majority of it. I genuinely think that the time I reserve to just me, myself, and I has been the most beneficial part of my life at Holy Cross so far. However, I have a confession to make. On Tuesdays I don’t have time to myself and it is 100% my own doing. Here’s why though, I get to see Tomo on Tuesdays!!! If you’ve seen Tomo’s sign in Hogan then you know there’s a little QR code that you can scan to sign up for private sessions with Tomo. Friends are always welcome though! This last Tuesday I spent a good chunk of time just hugging him, and it’s probably been the most therapeutic thing I’ve done in my life. I’m scheduled for the next 3 weeks now and I actually cannot explain how elated I am.

3) This may be an obvious suggestion but spending time with your friends is healing in so many ways. You’re surrounded by people you love being with and that makes you happy.

4) Facetime your family. The first few weeks, I was pretty distant with my family in the sense that I didn’t contact them much. It wasn’t out of spite, I just was overwhelmed and mentally couldn’t do anything. However, after that feeling wore off, I began to facetime them often. Now, I call my parents everyday, maybe even 3 times a day. Some may say that’s a bit excessive but considering I haven’t seen my family in weeks I don’t think it’s enough calls honestly.

5) My last recommendation to you all is listening to calming music, sounds, or ASMR. Especially at night-time right before you’re about to go to bed. It just puts you in such a better mood and prepares you to truly relax and rest during the night. Almost every night I put my earbuds in and listen to the sound of rain. You can literally find anything on YouTube or Spotify but personally I suggest using Spotify.