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The Best Cookies to Leave for Santa – Confirmed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

We’re never too old to stop leaving cookies for Santa… right? Even though I usually finish off the cookies before Santa has a chance to get there – here are some of the best types of cookies to make for him (or yourself). Here are my, and my friend’s favorite Christmas cookies to leave for Santa!

Sugar cookies are definitely a classic, but one unique trick you can use to spice up a traditional recipe that my family uses is adding almond extract instead of vanilla extract! This takes a simple and traditional recipe and adds something special to it!

My roommate’s pick is her family’s favorite Christmas cookies to make, which are gingerbread cookies. Each year they make tons of cookies and box them up to give to their family and friends. Her favorite ones to make (and eat) are gingerbread cookies cut into festive shapes!

Another friend told me her favorite Christmas cookies are Anise cookies. These are a type of Italian cookie containing anise extract, a glaze, and colorful sprinkles. Coming from an Italian family myself, I can agree these are delicious and unique cookies that everyone should try.

One of my other friends told me her favorite Christmas cookie is a cookie that contains cranberries, walnuts, orange zest, and white chocolate chips. This type of cookie sounds so good and contains so many Christmas-inspired flavors! 

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