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Self-Care Activities I Did On My Day Off

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

On Sunday, I found myself without much work for the week ahead of me, but for a majority of my friends, that wasn’t the case. Because of this, I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted by myself. This honestly scared me a little because I like constantly being busy and being around people, so having the day to myself with no plans made me uncomfortable. So the first thing I did was make a plan. I was going to have a self-care day.

After finally making myself get out of bed, I made myself a cup of coffee and had an apple while doing my morning skincare. I then decided to do self-tanner, and while I left that set, I watched YouTube and did my nails. Once it was set, I showered and got ready for the day.

I can’t stay in my dorm for a long time during the day, because all I want to do is get in my bed and end up falling asleep. So, once I was ready, I went to Hogan for some fresh air and a change of scenery. I grabbed a bagel and a cool beans iced coffee (yes another coffee) with milk and caramel. I found a comfy chair that looked out over the hoval and pulled out my AirPods and my book. I never really took the time to just sit and do something for myself while in hogan, but I’m so happy I did. 

I spent a couple of hours in hogan reading, listening to music, and doing some online shopping. Later, my friends and I had dinner together at Kimball, and it was so nice to see everyone and talk about our days so far and our plans for the week. Afterward, they went back to their work and studying, and I went back to my dorm.

When I got back I changed into sweats, turned on my fairy lights, put on an old season of the Bachelor, and did a face mask. I just chilled in my bed watching bad TV and honestly had a great night. After I washed off my face mask and did my nightly skincare, I continued watching the Bachelor and started making bracelets. I never grew out of making friendship bracelets so whenever I sit to watch something I always end up making them.

Afterward, I went to bed fairly early to finally get a good sleep before the week started.

I’m really happy I took the time to have a self-care day for myself. Even though I was kind of dreading the day because I had nothing to do, It ended up being exactly what I needed. I encourage everyone to take a self-care day if they can because it’s so good for your mental health and personal well-being.

Callie Gillan

Holy Cross '26

Callie is a current sophomore at Holy Cross and is studying Political Science and Psychology. In her free time she loves reading, trying new coffee places and going to the beach.