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My Summer Job at SoulCycle Montauk

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Going into this past summer, I was not sure what route I would prefer to go down when it came to work. I knew that I definitely wanted to have one more Montauk summer before possibly moving to NYC for an internship. With that, I could have stayed down the restaurant path which I’ve been doing for a couple of summers; or, I could have ventured into something new. My sister and I took our first SoulCycle class when we were 13 years old. We did not know what we were doing in the slightest back then, but we knew that we fell in love with the atmosphere.

My family lives in Montauk over the summer, and luckily there happens to be a SoulCycle Montauk, which (spoiler-alert) eventually grew near and dear to my heart. My twin sister and I were brainstorming ideas for work, and a lightbulb practically appeared over my head when I thought of SoulCycle. This was a great way to work and work out all in one place. She completely agreed, so we applied, interviewed, and we both got the job!

As the summer was approaching, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that the SoulCycle environment was hard-core, so I was nervous. On our first day, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, we met our manager. From the start, I knew we clicked. Our first weekend was intimidating, but we really learned most of what we needed to know pretty fast. Then, our assistant manager joined us all the way from San Francisco. Again, we clicked right away. The instructors were so welcoming and upbeat. The riders were too! My sister and I immediately fell in love with the positive vibes all around. We performed our tasks of organizing and setting up bikes happily. And since the job was during the early hours, we were able to go to the beach after SoulCycle everyday!

Not only was SoulCycle so incredibly fun, it was healthy! I rode at least three times a week, and it was completely a mind, body, and soul workout. My mindset and motivation improved, because I was within the environment every day. The job became a lifestyle, an amazing one.

I met the most incredible people. Donni, our senior manager, became one of my best friends. Now, I could not imagine life without him! We caught each other up every day on anything under the sun, and I don’t think I have laughed harder than with him. Our assistant senior manager, Mindy, was also the absolute best! We could also talk about anything for hours on end. And, for the bonus, I got to work with my sister!! The four of us became a little family, and SoulCycle was our little home.

Now, the summer has been over for a while, and I have had time to reflect holistically. I think this job was so beneficial to my life. The people that I have met, along with the positive values that I’ve learned, will really stick with me for life (the too many clothes I got will too :)). SoulCycle provides such an amazing community that lifts one another up, and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it!

Sophie Steinbach

Holy Cross '25

Current sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross.