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Mia Knapp

How to Eat Dairy Free at HC

Holy Cross tries to make accommodations for allergies on campus, but sometimes the staff can make mistakes. Even if something is labeled Dairy Free, I still recommend asking a staff member to double check. If you have a severe allergy where you cannot have your food made near your allergy, you are probably going to be put on the allergy list. If not, here is a way to eat on campus with an allergy, specifically dairy, or if you just want to cut it out of your diet due to sensitivities. 

For starters, at Kimball, the sign for dairy-free is the light blue square. Sometimes, the kitchen will have other dairy-free products without labeling it dairy-free, so if something looks like it would have it, ask, and you may be correct. For example, the fries don’t have the light blue square, but they do that as a precaution. While they don’t use butter, there is oil in the fryer. Next, simply deciding not to put cheese on your sandwich at the sandwich station does not make it dairy-free. The bread still contains dairy if it’s from the sandwich station –  unless it is a wrap. The buns for sandwiches should be dairy-free, but always ask in case they switch bread brands. Another misconception is that the veggie burger is dairy free but they are made with milk as well. Lastly, there are vegan products that don’t have dairy as well. 

At Lower Kimball, the sushi has labels on the package, and the poke bowls are dairy-free. If you order from Habaneros, note on your order your allergy and also double check before consumption. They receive a lot of orders, and mistakes have been made in the past. 

Cool Beans is another beast. They do not have dairy-free breakfast sandwiches, and you have to order drinks with milk substitutes, soy or oat, or almond milk. Careful with the syrups because sometimes they do have milk. Caramel is not dairy-free. The one thing that you can order is smoothies because it’s water-based and gluten-free bagels which are also dairy-free. For dessert, they have David’s gluten, nut, and dairy-free cookies and brownies, which are also at CrossRoads. CRoads salads and sandwiches should be dairy-free; just check the breads. I always use wraps or wheat bread because they are dairy-free. White bread is not dairy-free. Dags does not have dairy-free food unless you order in person and speak to the staff. They are incredibly nice and helpful. 

Holy Cross has dairy-free yogurts around campus, and the dining staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about your allergy. I have a serious allergy to dairy but am not on the allergy list since my food can be made around my allergy. So, if you have any questions about how I eat dairy-free on campus, feel free to reach out to me! 

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