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Emma Chamberlain is More than Just the Newest “It” Girl

Emma Chamberlain is one of the only “influencers” that I’ve continued to follow since coming to college. I’ve been consistently watching her content since high school, but she manages to find new and inspiring ways to build her own brand and stay relevant. I’m constantly inspired by her work ethic and commitment to relaying poignant messages to her audience, and I truly believe that she sets a great example for her entire viewership. 

It’s no secret that Emma’s content has changed over the years. While some miss her older videos, I admire the way that she has tailored her message as she continues to grow. She has progressed from making lighthearted cooking and makeup videos to chatting with her audience about her everyday struggles and successes. From partnering with Louis Vuitton to creating her own coffee company and podcast, her accomplishments show that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. 

Emma’s unique sense of style has initiated many Gen Z fashion trends, but she isn’t afraid to address issues with body image and insecurity. Although she works with huge brands like Calvin Klein and Curology, Emma remains so relatable and down to earth. She has amassed millions of followers, but still isn’t afraid to discuss the imperfect aspects of her life. While I love watching her videos, Emma’s podcast is even more therapeutic. Listening to her thoughts on topics ranging from relationships to travel feels like being on the phone with an older sister. 

Watching Emma kill it on the Met Gala red carpet with Vogue was so rewarding. Her dress was absolutely stunning (of course) but looking beyond the glitz and glamour of the event, it made me realize the importance of a woman my age having the opportunity to attend. Emma definitely could’ve relished in her fifteen minutes of fame from YouTube and left it at that, but instead she developed her passions and created an entire brand for herself. 

Overall, I’ve loved following along with Emma all these years because she has taken her social media success and created a massive empire for herself, while remaining humble and relatable. Observing her growth over the years reiterates the fact that young women (like you and me) can be absolutely unstoppable.

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