5 Shows That Will Instantly Boost Your Serotonin Levels

There are certain TV shows that are the equivalent of a warm hug. Here are five of my favorite shows that always leave me feeling happy.

  1. 1. Great British Baking Show

    This show is better than therapy. Sorry not sorry.

  2. 2. Say Yes to the Dress

    Every time Pnina Tornai appears in an episode, an angel gets his wings.

  3. 3. House Hunters

    There is an episode of House Hunters featuring a couple who looks like Lindsay Vonn and Tiger Woods and the only thing the husband is looking for in the house is a big wall for his aquarium. Needless to say, it lives rent free in my mind.

  4. 4. Gilmore Girls

    Allow Lorelai and Rory to heal all your problems over the course of a single episode.

  5. 5. The Pioneer Woman

    There is something about this show that captivates me. She adds bacon and ranch to EVERYTHING and it is so delightful to watch. Sometimes they show montages of her family wranging cattle and it is so wholesome. I cannot recommend it enough.