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12 Things Every Curly-Haired Girl at HC Can Relate To

  1. You are told at least once a day, okay maybe once a week, that your hair resembles a lion.  (Just me???)
  2. Your morning routine actually resembles that of a lion. Taming for HOURS.
  3. When you finally give up taming and put your hair in a bun for the 6th day in a row.
  4. When your friends ask you if you have a brush, you respond, “Does it look like I brush my hair?”
  5. You don’t own a brush.
  6. Your conditioner bottle reads “extra-moisturizing”.
  7. You leave the shower with fifty knots.  Better than the 6,411,783 you entered the shower with!!
  8. You are convinced the constant wind on campus has something against you and your mane.
  9. When you straighten your hair twice a year, everyone tells you how AMAZING you look.
  10. You’re slightly insulted when people tell you how amazing you look with straight hair. Don’t I look amazing with frizz?!
  11. Your eyes widen at the sight of a Pantene ad. Those glossy curls are a mystery to you.
  12. Even though everyone thinks you love/hate your curls, you actually love to embrace them. They represent the fun, outrageous, spontaneous YOU!
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Alicia Perry

Holy Cross

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