YouTubers to Watch Over Winter Break

After wrapping up your chaotic weeks of studying and finals, your brain deserves a break. One of the most relaxing ways to unwind is to watch YouTube videos (at least that is my favorite). That doesn't mean you have to spend hours on your phone, but just watching a few heartwarming or comedic videos can get your mind back to its regular state. I hope that my favorite YouTubers will soon turn into some of your favorites as well!


Are you a pop culture fanatic?  If so, CelebrityHauteSpot is where you should subscribe and watch during the next few weeks. The twin hosts, Jenna and Casey, have interviewed over 300 Disney and Nickelodeon stars, singers, actors, and authors, as well as, some of the kings and queens of Hollywood: such as girl group Fifth Harmony, superstar Adam Lambert, and host Nick Cannon. Concert, event, and meet & greet footage is also uploaded as well. The channel is a great way to follow the latest celebrity news and projects. Be sure to subscribe to catch interviews with all of your favorite stars.

Shane Dawson

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You’ve most likely heard of Shane Dawson, even if you’ve only been on YouTube once. His videos are almost always trending or among the popular pages. Dawson was one of the first “YouTubers” with the start of his channel over seven years ago. Dawson is one of the most successful, controversial, and esteemed creators with over 11 million subscribers and almost 2,000 videos to date. Although his content may not be the most “kid-friendly”, his channel has videos that can have you glued to a screen for hours. Some of his most well-known videos are his “Conspiracy Theory” videos as well as his “Try Not to Cringe” videos. Any topic you name, Dawson has most likely made a video about it. He is fond of making food videos in which he tries some of the most bizarre flavors and concoctions. If you’re in need of a good laugh or several hours of laughter be sure to watch his videos.

Tiffany Mink

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Do you need a little bit of magic during your winter break? If so, Tiffany Mink’s channel is where you should be. Formerly a member of a Disney collab channel “Thingamavlogs”, Tiffany has her own separate channel where she frequently posts Disney-related content. Some of my favorite videos are the ones that she makes at the Disney World and Disneyland Parks as she is a frequent visitor. Some of her most popular videos are “Merida’s First Day at Disneyland”, and “Disneyland Halloween Food 2017”. Most people enjoy watching her videos as they tend to be vlog-style, making viewers feel like they are actually in the parks or on adventures with Tiff. Her high-quality videos about a magical topic calls for a wonderful viewing experience!    

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