You're Bound to Meet This Type of Person When You Go to College

No Sleep Suzie

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No Sleep Suzie never has time to comb her hair or brush her teeth, but she always manages to get all of her papers done, intern five days a week, be involved in seven different clubs on campus, and work full-time. This girl is all work and no play, but hey, at least she knows how to balance a busy schedule!

Lazy Linda

"I’ll get to it tomorrow.” “We had homework for that class?” “I can’t, I’m just not the mood to do work right now.” “We had class today? I thought it was Sunday.” Just a few of the many phrases you’ll hear from a Lazy Linda. You often wonder why she came to college, let alone how she even got in. On a good day, she goes to half of her classes that week. A Lazy Linda is fun to hang out with, but she is not the type of person to be around when you’re actually trying to be productive.

Clueless Carrie

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Clueless Carrie is such a sweet person, but she is also the most oblivious person you’ve ever met. She’s always texting you about homework assignments that were blatantly explained in class, missing social cues, and feeling left out when someone makes a joke that she doesn’t understand.

Ego Eric

Ego Eric thinks he’s the hottest sh*t in the entire universe. He wears sunglasses indoors and tank tops in the winter. Need I say more?

Needy Natalie

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Needy Natalie is a loving and caring person who needs to feel that same love back ALL THE TIME. She needs to be everyone’s best friend and has to be a part of every conversation. She has major FOMO. Needy Natalie jumps from one boyfriend to the next because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be alone. Every time she is in the honeymoon phase with a new boyfriend, she goes M.I.A. for a few months.

Douchey Doug

Douchey Doug is in the type of frat that notoriously acts out at parties. He likes to get around and enjoy college without being tied down to one girl. Douchey Doug is a lot smarter than he seems; he often acts dumb around his frat brothers because he thinks it makes him look cool.

Bougie Becky

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Bougie Becky is in a sorority and has to know about all of the drama going on. The word “thrift” makes her want to vomit because she only wears name brand and “would never wear somebody else’s clothes.” 

Honors Student Hailey

Honors Student Hailey always finds a way to bring up the fact that she’s in the Honors College. She has a 4.0 GPA and is the president of every organization she is involved in on campus.

Teacher’s Pet Tim

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Teacher’s Pet Tim is similar to Honors Student Hailey. The difference is that Teacher’s Pet Tim gets to class 10 minutes early and stays 10 minutes late so he can schmooze-up the professor. He struggles to decide which professor to ask for a letter of recommendation.