Your Guide To Transitioning From Summer To School Mode

Long summer days spent on the beach with friends have officially come to an end as we begin another year at college. As we reunite with our college friends, one of the most challenging aspects of returning to school is switching from summer to school mode. As much as we wish those endless summer nights could stay, syllabus week has come and gone, meaning the school grind has only just begun. If you need a little push or can’t seem to escape that summer mindset, here is your go-to guide for transitioning back to school.

Start waking up earlier.

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It’s time to stop sleeping in past noon and set that alarm clock. By starting out small, and making adjustments to your schedule–starting with your sleep schedule–you can gradually ease yourself back into your school routine. Not only that, but with more time in the day, you can get more work done.

Keep a planner.

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This is not only a staple for organizing, but essential for keeping track of important due dates and events, most people list using a planner to stay organized and they're right. By keeping a planner and getting into the habit of using one, it can help you plan ahead and mark important dates such as quizzes, papers, and most importantly, midterms and finals.

Work ahead.

Assignment dates creep up on us, but by getting ahead of the work it eases future workloads and enables you to have time for other activities like clubs. Whether it’s doing reading assignments a week before it’s due to brainstorming research paper ideas a month in advance, every little bit makes a difference.

Get involved.

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The beginning of the semester is the perfect opportunity to try out new clubs that caught your eye, or even throw yourself into recruiting new members for your current clubs. The weekly meetings will also By getting involved with clubs, you are transitioning from summer job mode to passion projects. 

As sad as it is to watch summer come to an end, there are so many exciting aspects of the school year to look forward to. From meeting up with friends after a summer apart to celebrating at Fall Fest, use these quick tips to prepare you for the semester.