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Your Guide to Formal Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits


Thanksgiving is just around the corner so there’s sure to be one question on every girl’s mind: What do I wear?! Formal or semi-formal? Heels or flats? There’s so many options! Well, we’ve pulled together a few styles that could work for any girl this Thanksgiving! As Blair Waldorf once said, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is.”

1. Flirty/Romantic


This is the perfect type of outfit for anyone wanting to go for the flirty/romantic look this Thanksgiving. The touches of light pink in the jewelry help add a touch of romance meanwhile the black adds a little diversity to the color scheme so it doesn’t look so monochromatic. Pair this outfit with the perfect hair and makeup and you’ll be catching everyone’s eye this Thanksgiving!

2. Edgy


The LBD is a classic, but choosing one that has cutouts is a little more bold. The leather jacket will not only keep you warm, but it adds to the edgy-style you’re trying to go for. Chunky and geometric jewelry helps play up the boldness of the outfit while sticking to the sleek black look. Whether it’s your purse, makeup, shoes, etc., including a bright color will make the outfit pop!

3. Preppy


Get ready to channel your inner Blaire Waldorf, ladies! This outfit will help you leave a great impression because of how put-together you look. Burgundy totally goes with Fall colors and helps give this outfit a touch of color. The LBD is one of the best go-to dresses, but the lace and collar make it a classic preppy look. Oxfords are always a great go-to shoe for anyone trying to achieve a preppy look, but the heel helps to dress this outfit up.

4. Boho


The browns in this outfit are perfect for Thanksgiving! This dress has an elaborate print to make it eye-catching and pairing it with brown tones gives it a total boho feel. Don’t be afraid to eat tons of stuffing and turkey because a loose-fitting dress is a great way to be comfortable while still looking cute – goodbye fears of looking bloated!

5. Semi-Formal


Put together a cute yet plain sweater, skater skirt, knee-high boots, and a classic leather jacket and you have a great semi-formal Thanksgiving outfit! The skirt and jewelry make this outfit dressy, but the knee high boots and leather jacket help tone it down just a tad. If you switch out the boots for some heels you could have a slightly more formal outfit that is both stylish and comfy!

No matter what you wear this Thanksgiving: have fun, stay warm and eat lots of delicious food!!

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