Written in the Stars: Youtube Astrologers You Should Be Watching

As much as we love astrology, we know how hard it can be to even get started on learning everything there is to know, and there’s a lot! Not to mention that collecting astrology books is an expensive hobby. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite astrology YouTubers to help you learn more about your chart for free.

  1. 1.  Hannah’s Elsewhere - 73 Questions with the Zodiac Signs

    This Northern Irish Aquarius queen creates informational and fun astrology videos from topics that range to understanding your Mars sign to light-hearted videos, such as the zodiac signs as superheroes. Navigating through Hannah’s playlists, you can find tons of really great videos to help you on your journey to learning about astrology and yourself. A series we recommend from her channel is the 73 Questions with the Zodiac Signs, modeled after the Vogue 73 Questions with celebrities. Hannah has a great way of mixing her quirky sense of humor with plethoras of astrology information to keep you engaged, laughing, and learning. It’s probably because she’s an Aquarius!

  2. 2. Modern Cosmic Astrology- 2019 Forecast

    Nichole Huntsman is a professional astrologist with over 20 years of experience under her belt. With more complex and in-depth videos, Nichole shares her knowledge with her viewers by posting forecasts and breakdowns of how to read your birth chart. Although 2019 is coming to an end, her series of 2019 forecasts for each sign gives in-depth themes that you experienced this year. Check out her channel, reflect on your past year, and look forward to her 2020 forecasts!

  3. 3. Gabriela Francesca - Astrology Date Outfits

    For the more light-hearted side of astrology, Gabriela Francesca creates entertaining videos about the signs. Some of them include the signs as dog breeds and astrology date outfits. Her videos are fun to watch and can teach you a little something about each sign you probably didn't know before.

  4. 4.   Alyssa Trahan- The Worst Zodiac Signs

    This hilarious Libra bluntly talks about the twelve zodiac signs and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her videos are both entertaining and insightful as she breaks down the traits of each sign, as well as makes predictions for each month.

  5. 5.   Grace Astrology- Planets in Astrology 

    Grace is super passionate about astrology and shares her love for it through vlogging. In her videos, you can expect an in-depth look at how signs interact with one another, compatibilities and even a run-down on specific signs traits and qualities!

  6. 6. Lavendaire- Astrology For Beginners: How To Read A Birthchart

    Not all of her videos are about astrology, but she does do a series on astrology for those just learning the ropes. It’s insightful and simplifies everything from houses to the various signs found in your birthchart. Check out her channel for other tips too on creating healthy habits and a positive mindset.

Spend a weekend binge-watching these amazing YouTubers and take a more in-depth look at the zodiac world.