Written In The Stars: What Your Mercury Sign Means

Happy November! With fall in full swing and Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought we’d delve into what the Mercury sign is. You may recognize the term from the saying “mercury in retrograde,” but this sign means more than just when you’re going to have a bad day. It mainly has to do with how you communicate with people, meaning, the style of communication, how you make decisions and how you take-in and take-out information. Knowing your Mercury sign is almost as important as knowing your sun sign because the way we communicate impacts our daily lives. This sign, like the rest in your birth chart, may not match your sun sign, but that’s okay because it all depends on where Mercury was when you were born. Take a look below to see what your Mercury sign is!


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Driven by instinct, Aries in Mercury make quick decisions that are controlled by their need for instant gratification. You can always count on them to be straight to the point and somewhat blunt. At times they can come off assertive with their opinions, but this is because they naively believe everyone will accept and agree with their opinions. If you’re an Aries Mercury, you make a perfect leader as your infectious enthusiasm and motivation get things done and draw people to you. 


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Like the bull, they are stubborn when they make decisions. It may take some time though because Taurus in Mercury's like to ensure that the decision they are making is right for them. They are deliberate, which is why it takes them so long to come to a decision, but this is because when they are communicating and processing information, they tend to rely on their senses. People love listening to them because of their realistic and down-to-earth attitude.


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Known for being scatter-brained, Gemini in Mercury are known to have a little bit of knowledge about everything because of their vast amounts of interests. Unwilling to focus on one interest, this leads them to have a broad amount of knowledge on topics. They know a lot of general facts and figures and can get bored easily. The best learning environment for these people is a stimulating one to capture and maintain their interests. They can often come off bored and detached, but this is because they have a thirst for knowledge and prefer not to listen to personal issues, which is frustrating for those who communicate personally.


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Slow to respond, these people come off as sensitive and deep thinkers. Known as one of the most emotional of the zodiacs, Cancer Mercury’s are the perfect listeners. It’s from listening to others that they can form quick, informed decisions based on what others say. They don’t necessarily focus on the words that people are saying, but the emotions behind them. They are known for putting themselves in others’ shoes, making them very empathetic. The perfect diplomat, they take the information that is given to them and absorb and process it before coming to a decision.


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Always speaking with authority, this can get Leo Mercury’s in trouble because they tend to come off as know-it-alls. Their own opinions mean a great deal to them and they take pride in their thoughts and beliefs. They speak and write with their hearts, making them an ideal speaker and storyteller because of their flair for drama and emotion when they speak to an audience.


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Order rules over those with a Mercury in Virgo. This can cause them to come off as high-strung because every detail must be perfect and in order. They put most of their energies into day-to-day errands. Having a routine is especially important to them, as well as having a learning environment that reflects the pristine order they strive for in everyday life. If anything is out of line or chaotic, then this makes it almost impossible for the Virgos to achieve their day-to-day activities.


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Being an air sign focused on intellect and the mind, Mercury is comfortable in Libra. Mercury in Libra’s tend to be social butterflies. They make friends wherever they go with their charm and their go-with-the-flow attitude. Mercury in Libra’s are great at seeing both sides of the argument and often take on the role of the peacemaker in their relationships. However, they struggle with decisions, no matter how big or small those decisions may be. This may make them come off as indecisive, but they are just trying to weigh the pros and cons. 


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If your Mercury is in Scorpio, you may struggle with taking things at face value. Investigative and persistent, Mercury in Scorpio’s are known to be intense individuals who value privacy above all. They often find it difficult to open up, and if they do open up, it is only to those chosen friends and family that are deemed worthy. Mercury in Scorpio’s are known to be great investigators because they know how to ask the right questions to get people to open up. 


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Mercury in Sagittarius’ are cunning, straightforward and humorous. They believe in direct communication and can come off quite confrontational to those that do not understand them. They value honestly greatly and you will never catch them beating around the bush about an issue. Mercury in Sagittarius’ are also known to be the life of the party, drawing people in with their amazing storytelling skills and knowledge of the world around them. 

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Keeping calm and collected is Mercury in Capricorn’s motto. Although seen as pessimistic, Mercury in Capricorn’s approach to life and their goals is to work hard and be the best. However, if they are condescending to others, they may find that being at the top can get lonely. These people exhibit a strong work ethic and value holding a reliable reputation. If something does not have a purpose, Mercury in Capricorn will put it aside to keep focus on their goals. 


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Erratic and rebellious are the best words to use when describing a Mercury in Aquarius. This placement gets the bad rep of being unemotional and aloof, but this is their superpower. They have the ability to detach themselves from situations, thus seeing things from an objective point of view. This is what makes them such great debaters. They can also often not vocalize their emotions, as they are more interested in learning facts than feeling. Mercury in Aquarius' are engaging in conversations, pulling others in with their quick wit and fountain of knowledge. 


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Tuned into the subconscious, Mercury in Pisces is the most sensitive and intuitive placement. They feel everything, and we mean everything. This placement is extremely spiritual and often ask themselves, “What is the meaning of life?” and “Is God actually real?”. Mercury in Pisces know better than anyone that life is truly a mystery and can not always be explained by math or science. They embrace the unknowingness of the world and remind those around them to embrace it too. 


We hope you enjoyed reading about your mercury sign, including some celebrities who share the same placement as you! Make sure to keep a lookout for next week’s post!