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Written in the Stars: Sisters Signs

Sister signs are signs in the zodiac that are on opposite ends of the chart. For example, Aries is completely opposite to libra. Sister signs are not only opposite in physical placement, but also in characteristics. Opposites attract, especially in astrology. One sister sign possesses what the other doesn’t, which makes them work together in harmony, or their similarities can cause tension. Usually, sister signs are a good pair for friendships and relationships because each sign can bring something to the table and teach each other something new. Below we have listed all the sister signs and how they help each other grow into a better version of themselves!

Aries and Libra

While Aries is fiery and bold, often making decisions quickly that can lead to making the wrong one, airy Libra loves to mull over their decisions, making sure that they are making the right one. Because of this, they often become overwhelmed with the situation at hand. Aries could teach Libra to be a bit more spontaneous, and Libra can teach Aries that some decisions need to be thought over. Both of these signs are natural-born leaders. Aries takes charge and is strong-willed, while Libra is fair and just.

Taurus and Scorpio 

Both Taurus and Scorpio are loyal and devoted but struggle with letting things or people go. Taurus is very straightforward about their affections and is willing to dive into commitment, which can lead them to get hurt. On the other hand, Scorpio is skeptical about people, taking their time to open up and trust others, which can take a very, very long time. Both Taurus and Scorpio can teach each other the balance of letting someone in, not too much too quickly, but just enough.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius value knowledge and search for constant adventure in their lives. Both signs are extremely social and have an energetic demeanor. They are always on the hunt to learn more, but they are interested in different things. Gemini wants to know everything there is to know about anything. They can be big readers or their impulsive energy helps them learn by experience. Sagittarius, uncommitted to schedules and routine, loves to learn through travel and experiencing different cultures. Both of these signs can learn so much not only about each other but about the world together. 

Cancer and Capricorn

These sister signs are hot and cold when it comes to emotions. Capricorns are ambitious and career-driven, leaving them closed off and private. Cancers will do anything for their friends and family. They’re a shoulder to cry on. Both signs are devoted to their loved ones but express it differently. Capricorns will help build their loved ones up through career advice and blunt honesty, where Cancers will listen and comfort.

Leo and Aquarius

These two eccentric signs are like day and night complementing one another. Both love being around people and receiving attention, but for different reasons. Leo loves being praised and leading people, while Aquarius enjoys helping people and doing things for causes they’re passionate about. While Aquarius prefers not to show their emotions, Leo complements them by bringing warmth and affection.

Virgo and Pisces

As sister signs, these two are similar in that they are both wise and sensitive. Virgo’s lead with logic and are grounded people who require routine and structure. Pisces, on the other hand, lead mostly with their emotions. Empathy and intuition guide them and they spend the majority of their time in their heads daydreaming. Virgo’s desire to be needed balances out a Pisces want for comfort.

While these signs may be the opposite of one another, it’s the differences that help support and ground each other. 

Rylee Johnston is senior at Hofstra University studying  journalism. She has a passion for traveling and entertainment, and even spent four months abroad in London. When she isn't blogging about her travels, you can find her watching The Bachelor or planning her next adventure. Follow her on Instagram @ryleejuanita.
Nicole is a sophomore at Hofstra University majoring in Journalism with a minor in Creative Writing. She enjoys writing moody poems, adding clothes to her Depop cart and bringing up astrology in any and every conversation. Also, did she mention she is a scorpio?