Written In The Stars: Instagram Must-Follows

Welcome back to another astrology-filled week! Looking to learn more about your sign?? Well, we have compiled the top five zodiac Instagram accounts that you need to follow. Whether you’re looking for more information, some motivation or just a laugh, these accounts are sure to please. Take a look below and get following!


  1. 1. KnowTheZoadiac

    KnowTheZodiac, founded by Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells, is a great account to follow on Instagram because it has its fair share of informational posts and hilarious memes about the signs. In addition to updating their followers on astrological events such as the current New Moon in Aries, they also post inspirational quotes and positive mantras that can brighten up your timeline. Dossé-Via is also created ScorpioMystique, an Instagram account that posts daily horoscopes just for Scorpio, or those whose personal planets (sun, moon, and rising) are in Scorpio. 

    For those of you who are not Scorpios, don’t worry! KnowTheZodiac also has a network of specific accounts for each of the signs. Just look up ‘know’ and your zodiac sign to find the account dedicated to you. For example, KnowGemini or KnowPisces. Each of these accounts also has daily horoscopes to keep up to date on what is going on in the universe and how it affects you. We suggest turning on your post notifications for these, it comes in handy!


  2. 2. Sistersvillage

    Sistersvillage is probably one of the most aesthetically satisfying and calming astrology accounts out there! Not only is their layout beautiful (talk about a color palette!) but so is their content. Sistersvillage will keep you up to date on the moon forecasts. For example, they will tell you exactly what it means if the full moon is in Pisces and what you should do to channel that energy into your life. It also posts cute short blurbs about your placements. 


  3. 3. Rudeastrology

    If you like to laugh, rudeastrology is perfect for you. This Instagram is less informational but has tons of relatable memes to enjoy by yourself or with your friends. Trust us, you will be scrolling on this account for hours to read all the fun posts about your zodiac sign. 


  4. 4. Bitch.rising

    If you love seeing your sign get dragged, then this is the account for you! Just like all of the other meme accounts, you are sure to get a kick out of all of the relatable content about not only your sun sign but all the signs in throughout your birth chart. For those obsessed with astrology, this account praises your love with hilarious memes that call out the haters.


  5. 5. Costarastrology

    This account is owned by the iconic astrology app Co-Star. With a black and white aesthetic, this account will give you all the information on your sign, both funny and insightful, with lists to charts that showcase the good and the not-so-good characteristics about your sign. 

Follow these accounts and more on Instagram! With a multitude of astrology themed accounts take the opportunity to learn more about your sign in a funny, lighthearted way. These accounts will defintely not disappoint!